Working with FUSE

What’s it like working with FUSE? Here’s what you can expect…

Since each 3D design and animation project is different, details here are subject to change as we adjust our process to fit each client.

If you have any questions about our process or a specific project need, please contact us.

In the Beginning...

Review Product / CAD Files

Every project begins with CAD files. If you have them – great! If not, don’t worry. Our artists can create 3D models for you during our production stage.

We review your CAD files to make sure they’re complete and identify any missing or unusable elements. Since we have nearly every engineering software available, we can open the CAD files in their native program to expedite this process.

Project Scope Discussion

We’ll go over your project’s specifications, including:

  • Image resolution
  • Sizing
  • Where the project will live (online, trade show, broadcast, etc.)
  • Pre-production needs (storyboarding or script development)


If you don’t have all the answers, that’s not a problem. We’ll provide consultation on any of these project details.

Creative Kickoff Call

Next, we set up a Creative Kickoff Call where you get to meet your dedicated creative team. During this call, we’ll walk through the project and set a timeline.

You’ll have many opportunities to provide feedback along the way. We can even set up weekly calls to make sure the feedback is clear, and your 3D design and animation project is meeting its goals.

Basecamp Project Management

Every project goes through Basecamp, an intuitive project management platform. We’ll set a milestone calendar, organize communication, and upload project submissions for your review.

Getting to Work


Now we get to work! Our artists will post images and videos of their progress through Basecamp, and you can communicate with them directly.

Create 3D Models

If you don’t have CAD files, we’ll work with you to create 3D models.

Our artists can create general 3D models that visually represent your product by using either the product itself or photo references. We can also create our own photo references if needed.

Project Stages

There are generally three rounds of client-driven revisions. With each stage, you have the opportunity to give feedback on the project’s direction. This communication helps make sure the finished image or video is perfect.

This section should give you a general idea of what to expect during each revision round, though the information is by no means all-inclusive.

Every project is different, so we’ll adjust these rounds to fit your needs.

First Round: First, we lay product images out in grayscale to ensure product accuracy and determine rough camera positioning in order to see what the shot or characters will look like.

Second Round: We add surfaces, colors, textures, and light to the images or video.

Third Round: This is the final stage of the project. Our artists complete your images or videos and deliver them in whatever format you need.

Post-Production Services

FUSE is your one-stop shop for 3D design and animation. We take projects from start to finish so that you don’t have to work with a bunch of different companies. Our team can source music or voice talent for your videos, do audio editing, and provide editing and finish.

After Completing the Project

Project Delivery

Once we’ve finished your project, we can deliver your final images/videos in a number of ways:

• Uploaded directly through Basecamp
• Saved on a large capacity drive
• In multiple formats and sizes, depending on whether you want to use them for print or another medium

Beyond the Project

One of the best things about our 3D work is that it’s long-lasting and flexible.

So when you need your images or animations altered or updated, like for future seasonal campaigns or a new product launch, that’s no problem! We hang onto your files and can get those changes to you fast.


We’re excited to work with you!

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