Stunning 3D Rendered Windows and Glass

See Your Products in the Best Possible Light

Over the years, FUSE has partnered with many windows and glass companies. Some of them, like Viracon, manufacture glass. While others, like Renewal by Andersen, sell high-quality windows.

Our clients come to us with many requests, but they all often have one thing in common. They have trouble photographing or filming their products. They want to show off their products in the best possible light but run into issues making it happen.

But there’s an option that offers perfect lighting and adaptable environments. An option that lets you place your windows or glass products anywhere. With photorealistic CGI, you can always show off your glass products in the best possible way.

Challenges to Getting Perfect Visuals

Let’s dig deeper into some of these barriers to getting high-quality visuals of your glass and windows.

For exterior shots, companies must either build a photography set or find photo-ready houses in the real world with their windows.

The same issues crop up with interior shots, like in kitchens or bathrooms. Reflective surfaces can be tricky to photograph and maintaining consistent quality across multiple shoots is an added challenge.

Showing off your windows and glass products on their own is no easy feat either. Some of our clients have had trouble showing cross sections of their windows. Before turning to 3D rendered models, they used physical models that were tough to make and photograph.

Tackling Those Visual Challenges with CGI

Luckily, CGI solves these problems. It’s easy to swap out windows in photographs, create interior shots of a sunny room, or build high-quality exterior shots of beautiful homes.

In other words, you can put your windows literally anywhere with CGI. There’s no need to build a home from the ground up or work with hard-to-handle products.

Even better, you can use 3D models to create otherwise impossible visuals. For example, you can create an installation demo video without the installer blocking the camera. You can pull apart products to show what they’re made of; to show off what makes your products special and unique.

Unlimited Possibilities with Glass/Window 3D Rendering

You can use 3D rendered windows and glass products for just about everything.

From product catalog images and website assets to training or installation demos and branding videos.

We created a stunning, cutting-edge animation for our client Viracon to help push their brand into the future. Our team built an entire city around a central skyscraper, which rose from the ground covered in the company’s high-tech glass.

Our team has created several installation animations for Pella to show how easy it is to install their windows.

This marketing collateral improved audience response to their new products. It also helped them maintain a consistent, high-quality look across their marketing channels.

Want to see your product shine? Let’s get started!