How to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

The Unique Value of Trade Shows

How often does your company attend trade shows? If the answer is not often, you’re likely missing out.

These events offer a unique opportunity for companies. You can get in front of dozens of potential clients in person all in one place. Also, you can scope out the competition in your market.

At industry-focused trade shows, you’re even more likely to meet new clients. Attendees are looking to find new vendors, make industry connections, or invest in new products. Bonus – your cost per lead is almost 55% less at a trade show than in the field.

In short, there’s nothing else like it. Even the best digital marketing efforts can’t compare to the value of in-person trade show connections.

Rise Above Competition

4 out of 5 people attending a trade show have some form of buying power in their company.

That means nearly everyone you meet at a live event is a potential client. You’ve got an incredible opportunity to bring in new business and strengthen your brand.

But you need to get visitors to your trade show booth first, and that’s not always easy. We’ve seen this time and time again. After all, you’re competing with dozens – even hundreds – of other brands to get attendee’s attention.

The question is – how do you stand out in a sea of competitors?

Attract Trade Show Visitors to Your Booth

The best eye-catching visuals can be seen from across the room. You need to catch attendees’ eye and make ’em want to know more. Think high-resolution, large-format graphics and videos.

Photorealistic CG images, interactive graphics, and animations fit that need. These types of trade show visuals leave a lasting impression on attendees, helping you stay top of mind.

People who saw you will remember your company long after the trade show ends.

Attract loop from Cambridge Sound’s CES exhibit.

Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

The FUSE team can help you stand out at your next trade show. We have delivered dynamic trade show visuals for clients across many different industries. All these assets are scalable, meaning they look good at any size.

What’s more – they’re eye-catching even from across the room (a must for large trade show floors.)

Our work helps companies like John Deere, Starkey Hearing Technologies, Sleep Number, and Wahoo show off their products at top-tier trade shows like CES.

Whether you’re looking for a few beautiful images or fully immersive experiences, we can help you leave a lasting impression at your next trade show or live event.

Prepping for a trade show? We can help!