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Our medical animation received awards from Indigo Design Award and London International Creative Contest. We’re excited to share the news that we won another award! Our submission to the international 2019 Indigo Design Award contest received a bronze award in the Computer Animation category. About the Contest The Indigo Design Award is an international design [...]

April 10, 2019


by: FUSE


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At FUSE, we're always working on something new. Whether it’s playing around with new programs, trying out techniques, or just working through a cool idea. That's what we're focusing on this week with artist Zak Katara's nature-inspired battlefield animation. He created and rendered the entire animation in Blender using an amazing new add-on. In this post, [...]
In this first post of our newest blog series, we're highlighting FUSE artist Zak Katara and the new FUSE logo animation. You may recognize this animation -- it's prominently displayed on our homepage. Zak worked on this while completing other projects at FUSE, so it took him about three months to finish. It also went [...]