Zurn Industries

Zurn manufactures plumbing products and water solutions for commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. Their catalog is larger than any other single manufacturer; to say they have a lot of products is an understatement.

Keeping their catalog updated with consistent quality is something we take pride in helping with.


CLIENT: Zurn Industries

3D image of golden faucet

We’ve delivered exploded product images, installation animations, and 3D stills of their products. And we can update those images with ease when products change.

Exploded product images like these give customers a unique look into your products. By seeing each component, they can get a better idea of how it’s made and what’s included.

It would be impossible to capture a view like this without the help of 3D animation.

We can show products from multiple angles, in different lighting, and with editable backgrounds. Our team has also built 360-degree spin animations to show off every inch of their products.

Zurn uses these assets to present their products in ways that help buyers make more informed decisions.

FUSE has been able to leverage Zurn’s CAD files to provide precise, high-quality 3D animations and images. Our work has helped position Zurn as a leader in their industry.

Three chrome-plated sensor flush valves for water closets manufactured by Zurn

Product Demos and Installation Animations

Installation visuals help people better understand how products fit together. But filming product demos or installations for catalogs this size can be expensive. 3D animations, on the other hand, are more cost-effective and can show the inside of walls and equipment (something impossible with film).

In 2019, Zurn announced the launch of its Connected Products line utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) during a trade show event. The Zurn Connected Backflow Preventer is the first product released from this new line, which offers a “suite of advanced connected water solutions.”

Our team created an animated product demo to show how Zurn’s Connected Backflow Preventer discharges water during a backflow event.

image of zurn products lined up

Wonder what your product looks like in 3D? Let’s chat.