3D product image of orange and white STIHL chainsaw

STIHL and Red Letter Communications

STIHL is the #1 selling brand of handheld outdoor power equipment in America. Traditionally, STIHL has manufactured and sold gas-powered equipment. But in 2016 they added on a new line of high-tech battery-powered models. They planned to promote this new line during their annual Dealer Days event, kicking off the event with a pre-release teaser.

FUSE partnered with media agency Red Letter Communications (STIHL’s agency of 25 years) to develop a broadcast TV spot along with photorealistic product images, animated 360-degree product spins, and more.


CLIENT: STIHL and Red Letter Communications

3D product image of white STIHL Rollomatic chainsaw

We wanted to create a broadcast spot that highlighted STIHL’s revolutionary new battery-powered products without overshadowing their reliable gas-powered line. Partnering with Red Letter Communications helped us keep this balance.

In addition to the Dealer Days TV spot, which they used in store, on social media, and on their website, we created hundreds of 3D product images.

These photorealistic 3D images show off each product in the best light. STIHL currently uses these images in both their digital and print product catalog.

Woman using a leaf blower on her lawn in a TV broadcast spot.
STIHL brand leaf blower against white background
Orange STIHL hedge trimmer against white background

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