UNDONE Watch Product Animation

We partnered with UNDONE to create a sizzle reel that captures what makes their brand so special.

UNDONE is a leading watch label that takes customization to the next level. They offer an impressive array of customizable watch parts to fit any style. All their products are made in-house and made-to-order. You can control every single detail down to the tiniest element.



The UNDONE team didn’t have any CAD files for their watches, so project lead Shawn Letendre created all of the models from scratch. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. He spent a lot of time ensuring these models were 100% accurate to the specs provided. With product part swap animations like this, it’s critical we get every detail just right.

Shawn got help from the team to texture the different watches and their many parts. He chose the best sellers from the UNDONE website and then picked colors for the bezels, bands, and watch faces.

The resulting sizzle reel animation is just as sleek and impressive as the watches themselves. Each part comes together to make a perfectly customizable high-end watch.

Close view of watch face against dark background
UNDONE urban vintage watch from photorealistic sizzle reel
White watch bezel from product animation clip
Black watch with aqua hands against dark background

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