Tiffany & Co. - Out of the Blue

“We reached out to FUSE with a fun but challenging project that had a tight turnaround, and they surpassed our expectations. Working with the team was a great experience with quick replies and productive collaborations on the work. We relied on the FUSE team’s creative eye and expertise, and they did not disappoint.

The initial brief turned into 2 unique videos that related to one another and the team executed it beautifully down to the smallest detail. The videos are being displayed on large screens in stores and are true focal points making perfect conversation starters. I had the pleasure of working with the entire FUSE team and it was a joy both professionally and personally. Looking forward to working with them on future projects.” 


-Ayelet Gat 

Creative Studio | Tiffany & Co.
Digital Designer, Global Creative Strategy 


CLIENT: Tiffany and Co.

LEAD ARTIST: Mike Schell, Joe Marx, Levi Krippner, Shawn Letendre

ASSETS: 3D Video and Still Images

The FUSE Animation team had the amazing opportunity to work with Tiffany & Co. to bring to life a line of aquatic-themed jewelry. The project centered on two videos to capture the products’ elegance, sophistication, and whimsy. The videos are currently being used in-store installations worldwide.  


Jean Schlumberger, one of the 20th century’s most gifted jewelry artists, designed the real-life pieces in 1956. They are stunning and intricate, infused with a sense of movement that makes them stand out over six decades later. 


This project immediately presented us with a number of challenges. There were several actors to develop from the designs. The models, originally built for manufacturing, needed to be rebuilt to have the flexibility necessary for animation. The sea creatures also needed an environment to interact with, and their movements would be carefully choreographed. This all needed to happen on an abbreviated timeline of just three weeks.    

Tiffany & Co. - Aquarium Video

For the first video, FUSE created an underwater coral environment with all of Tiffany’s distinct sea creatures coming to life. Each character in the scene was animated, lit, and rendered separately to grant our team the most flexibility possible when composing the final video.    

The FUSE team carefully studied the movements of sea life and created a setup that allowed us to automate most of the movements based on the velocity of the fish. In the final result, the characters glide through the tank, shining brilliantly when they catch the light. They even occasionally create ripples when they nudge the “glass.”    

The concept for the second video was a virtual aquarium where several jeweled fish could swim around a real-life jewelry display in the center. Two screens would be built together at a 90-degree angle, creating the illusion of a massive fish tank.    

The result is a beautiful vision of undersea surrealism. Our client and the team involved are thrilled with the outcome. We look forward to our next creative project with the team at Tiffany & Co.  

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