FUSE was contacted by San Francisco’s Super7 to help develop photo-realistic still renderings of several lines of action figures. We started with a line of figures for Netflix’s highly anticipated anime program Yasuke.

FUSE created six figurines and a total of roughly sixty renderings. These figures are the first wave of SuperVinyl figures for Super7. Here is a link to the Yasuke product page on the Super7 site.

The next round of figures FUSE created for Super7 was the Eden line of Eden SuperVinyl figures. Netflix’s Eden is set in a futuristic world solely inhabited by intelligent robots who have created a perfect utopian society. FUSE rendered seven characters photo-realistically both in CG environments and white sweep sets. Here is a link to these on the Super7 site.

Super7 have been fantastic to work for. A highly creative company, Super7 is the premier pop-culture design house and producer of lifestyle-oriented collectibles, toys and apparel based in San Francisco.

Developing a strong working partnership is critical for the highest quality of work and meeting budgets. FUSE is very excited to work with Super7 on many new projects into the future.


AGENCY: Super7

CLIENT: Super7

LEAD ANIMATORS: Phong Tran, Levi Krippner, Joe Marx, Shawn Letendre

ASSETS: Still Images

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