Sudler Agency Partnership

We partnered with advertising agency Sudler & Hennessey, based in Australia, for this medical animation project. They needed a two-minute video describing the benefits of a new skincare product called QV Intensive with Ceramide that’s designed to repair dry, damaged skin. Their team had created a storyboard for the spot and came to us for help developing the animation.

This medical animation received an award in the international design contest Indigo Award 2019  AND was a shortlisted winner in the 2018 London International Creative Competition. 


CLIENT: Sudler

Close-up 3D render of skin cell repelling moisture

A Medical Animation with a Tight Deadline

Since we were on a tight deadline, we had to work together to tackle the different parts of this project. The medical animation would need to accurately reflect the healing properties of QV Intensive with Ceramide, which meant every element needed to be completely accurate and realistic.

While senior rendering specialist Levi worked with Sudler to finalize the overall look and feel of the piece, our 3D generalists Phong and Rachel and technical specialist Shawn got to work building the animation.

Close-up render of unaligned lipid bilayer molecules inside skin for qv intensive with ceramide animation

Developing Photorealistic Medical Elements

We started by developing the components of the skin layer. Though we had a loose representation of the images from Sudler, we still needed to figure out how best to show the microscopic aspects of skin in this animation.

For example, the medical animation describes ceramide, a molecule in the skin. We know what it looks like, but the challenge was taking something so microscopic and giving it a cinematic quality. Our team nailed it in their thoughtful development of the molecules.

Close-up rendering of human skin cell moisture barrier

Project Results and Awards

In the end, we delivered a high-quality medical animation that brings the skin-healing benefits of QV Intensive with Ceramide to life.

We are incredibly proud to have won two design awards for this agency medical animation.

Indigo Design Award, an international design content, awarded us a bronze trophy in the 2019 Computer Animation Category. We wrote all about the award and more about the submission in this blog post.

We also received an award from the London International Creative Competition in the 2018 Web Design – Professional category. Our project was a shortlist winner in a contest of thousands of qualified entries from around the world.

Close-up surface view of cracked and dry skin cells

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