STIHL / Come Along for the Ride

Over the past several years, FUSE Animation had the opportunity to create a series of animations for STIHL for their line of electric power tools.

More recently, we worked with them to showcase the technology behind their Zero Turn Mowers, and specifically the RZ 900 Series of professional models. This is a top of the line product designed for landscaping professionals and offers the performance and durability above anything else on the market.

After completing the project, we challenged ourselves to recreate one of STIHL’s recent advertisements for their RZ 900 Series of Mowers completely digitally. Our intent was to demonstrate that with CG we can not only create a photorealistic result, but also break reality and take it beyond.

In order to showcase the two belt mower drive system, we digitally disassembled the mower piece by piece. This allows us to focus on the most important parts of the product, and show the mower in a way that can’t be done with traditional photography. We have the ability to show the inner workings of any technology, and to help your consumers understand why your products beat the competition.

FUSE offers the flexibility and creativity that a traditional photo shoot can’t easily achieve, and often at a fraction of the cost without the need for props, crew, or studio. We are always looking for new clients to work with to bring their creative visions to life.

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LEAD ARTIST: Shawn Letendre, Joe Marx, Levi Krippner, Mike Schell

ASSETS: Web graphics and animation

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