Sleep Number

We have been working with Sleep Number since 2012. Our first project was an animation for a pillow that would accompany the new product’s launch. They loved it so much that this single project evolved into a long-standing relationship.

As their creative partner, we’ve created animations and photorealistic 3D images; integrated visual effects into videos; and provided creative consultation on countless projects.


CLIENT: Sleep Number

Woman lying on bed used for sleep number trade show visuals

FUSE has created the photorealistic 3D images, animations, and visual effects for Sleep Number’s CES Booth for six years now, and each year they’ve won awards at the event.

Sleep Number first went to the annual CES trade show in 2014. They asked for our help creating visual assets for their booth, which featured their new adjustable X12 bed with Sleep IQ tech. The event was such a success that they brought us on every year since to create stunning trade show visuals and experiences.

Over the years, we have created unique and dynamic visuals from high-resolution large-format 3D graphics to beautiful animations and visual effects.

Woman standing in front of a digital interface that reads "Sleep IQ" with the time and date, from the CES 2018 trade show

In 2016, Sleep Number came to us with a new challenge. They planned to debut their new Sleep Number 360™ smart bed at that years’ CES event and wanted to create a completely new experience. Their exhibit would feature an interactive ride for customers to experience the smart bed for themselves.

We were so excited to take this on! Our artists created the visuals for this interactive ride experience, which also showed off the bed’s new feature – Sleep Number SleepIQ®.

This tech is so revolutionary that Sleep Number was propelled to the forefront of sleep science and tech after releasing it. For that reason, it was particularly crucial for us to deliver perfect visual assets that demonstrated its benefits.

Movable Sleep Number bed and frame in the center of a white space with the words "Flex Fit 1" at the top

Sleep Number’s 2017 CES booth was an incredible success. That year, Sleep Number stole the show with 13 prestigious awards.

We have loved every project we’ve done with Sleep Number, from helping them market new sleep products with photorealistic animation to creating fun fan experiences at Super Bowl LIII. Our work plays at the end of every Sleep Number broadcast spot and we continue to support them at CES.

Smart bed in front of a sign reading "The Bed Reborn" at CES 2017 trade show

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