Sleep Number Virtual Sets

    FUSE partnered again with our long-standing client Sleep Number to develop a series of virtual bedrooms as a replacement for traditional photography.

    Considering the pandemic, Sleep Number needed a replacement for traditional photoshoots. So, we developed a plan to create all the sets they could need. There are several positives to this direction:

    1. Future edits or changes are now infinitely possible as the sets are on a computer. Beds can be updated without having to set up a new photoshoot and attempt to match the previous photography.
    2. The images can be extended to account for copy runs in print or web graphics without having to try and fix that in post photo editing.
    3. You do not need an onsite staff of dozens, just a call to FUSE and we’ll handle the rest. This saves money and time of key staffers who would be expected to be onsite for several days at the shoot.
    4. Sets can be animated for several different uses. Showing off product features or in this case, as end tags for commercials. This culminates in a very unified visual solution for photo and video assets.
    5. All visual channels can be addressed from this single source. Video, print, web graphics and social media assets can be generated at the exact resolution and aspect ratio for the creative team.

    In the end this was a highly successful outing for us and Sleep Number. Reach out if this is a direction you would like to explore! FUSE can help.


    AGENCY: Sleep Number

    CLIENT: Sleep Number

    LEAD ANIMATOR: Levi Krippner, Joe Marx

    ASSETS: Broadcast animations and stills

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