Man and daughter sitting on Sleep Number bed in front of NFL display

Sleep Number's Super Bowl Fan Experience

Sleep Number is the NFL’s official sleep and wellness partner. This year, they’re bringing a new experience to football fans traveling to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

Imagine falling asleep in a luxury bedroom fully decked out with your favorite team’s gear. What better way to rep your team pride?

Sleep Number’s letting you experience this in real life at their Dream Team Bedroom exhibit.

Young boy holding a football lying on a Sleep Number NFL display

Customize Your Dream Team Bedroom

Just choose your favorite NFL team and watch as the exhibit transforms into a football fan’s fantasy bedroom in seconds.

Snap a selfie while lying on a Sleep Number bed surrounded by your team’s colors, mascot, and a jersey featuring your name. Even Miss America stopped by to show her Panthers pride while attending the NFL Experience Party.

A man and woman laying on Sleep Number bed in front of Super Bowl projection
Woman laying on bed in front of Super Bowl NFL backdrop

Building the Football Fan Experience

Sleep Number brought the FUSE team on to create the visuals for this brand awareness experience. We incorporated NFL Super Bowl design elements into the projection, along with the 32 NFL team mascots and colors.

The exhibit uses on-site projection mapping to build a dream bedroom by projecting the official NFL logo, team mascot, and colors onto specific areas in the exhibit. We provided 3D models of the wall and floor, which audiovisual company LMG used to map the projections.

Woman and child lying on a Sleep Number bed in front of NFL projection display
Miniature pillows with NFL team logos against blue Sleep Number display

Advancing the Conversation About Sleep

Beyond the fan experience itself, Sleep Number is using this opportunity to talk about the power of sleep.

While posing with your team’s gear, you can try out Sleep Number’s smart bed and learn more about how sleep aids recovery, whether you’re a pro athlete or just want to feel good in the morning.

Woman jumping in the air in front of a Sleep Number Super Bowl display

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