Sleep Number 2019 End Tag

Little changes to your products can make a big difference. The end tag is the last 5-10 seconds of an advertisement to make a final impression on your audience. It’s what people will remember the most about your brand. We’ve been working with Sleep Number for years to keep their images and animations fresh.

To do this, we’ve created a photorealistic end tag to use at the end of TV commercials. The above video is this year’s new end tag with a glimpse at the storefront in the morning. As a result, the mattress store will use this animation for this year’s video media, along with stills for print and web.

By creating this iconic storefront, Sleep Number brands itself as the leading physical destination for sleep products in the country. Above all, with FUSE’s expertise, these assets free up the creative process to build exactly what they want on time and on budget.



2017-2018 end tag graphic

Sleep number night store front

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