Lidar and AR Videos

MicroVision is a leading company in AI driven ultra-miniature sensing and laser projection solutions for automotive and headset devices. The core technology, PicoP Scanning Engines are used in 3D sensing, interactive displays and projected displays.

The CEO of MicroVison, Sumit Sharma, needed two new animations for an upcoming investor meeting. The automotive Lidar animation needed to convey the accuracy detailed resolution of the device in a simple visual style that would make sense to any viewer. The AR animation needed to showcase MicroVision’s Head-Mounted Projection Engine in several real-world environments.

Mr. Sharma hired the FUSE team after researching the best creative and technical companies for this project. There was little time to waste as this was due in a truly short period of time. After several calls to go through exactly what MicroVision needed, FUSE jumped in and helped craft the look and feel of these animations with client feedback along the way. The project was finished on time and on budget. Mr. Sharma was thrilled with the final videos and expects to contact FUSE for all future visual needs.


AGENCY: MicroVision

CLIENT: MicroVision

LEAD ANIMATORS: Shawn Letendre, Phong Tran, Levi Krippner, Joe Marx

ASSETS: 3D Animation

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