A corn plant walking from a diseased field to a healthy field magazine ad

Martin Williams Syngenta

FUSE partnered with Martin Williams to deliver creative, photorealistic magazine print ads for Syngenta’s new product, the Miravis Neo Fungicide. Syngenta is an agriculture company that produces agrochemicals and seeds, and this new fungicide offers disease control for corn and soybean plants.

These magazine ads show crops crossing the road from a diseased field to a healthier one treated with this new fungicide. The corn and soy plants are fleeing to the healthier fields, leaving sickness behind.

Since the ad’s audience understands corn and soy plant growth, it was crucial for the form and coloring to be perfect to show that Syngenta understands the industry and their needs.


CLIENT: Martin Williams

Corn plant crossing a dirt road walking from a diseased field to a healthy field.

The biggest challenge was creating characters that had a recognizable form but were also entirely realistic. We first developed character sketches to get the right character feel and shape, then combined the approved sketches with reference material from the client and our own research.

The corn and soy plants needed to be in a specific growth stage with accurate details down to the size, number, and shape of roots and leaves. Our team also needed to get the plant coloration right. The corn and soy plant characters needed to show some telltale signs of disease – like discoloration on leaves – from being in the unhealthy field.

In the end, we delivered these two Syngenta magazine ads that combined creativity with realism to showcase this high-performing new Miravis Neo fungicide.

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