Lemond Bikes

The high-end bicycle manufacturer Lemond (founded by three- time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond) needed help visualizing their bikes in April 2020. After seeing the beautiful photo-realistic renderings that FUSE created for our other clients, we looked like a good fit to bring their new line of bikes to life. This new line, the Daily and the Dutch are carbon fiber E-bikes designed for the city. Unfortunately, they were still in the planning stages and had no physical product to photograph. This is where FUSE steps in, using their CAD engineering files we created photoreal images that brought this beautifully designed bike to life.

These bikes are extremely light (under 27lbs) and strong. The goal to FUSE was getting dozens of perfect photo-realistic renderings created before manufacturing had begun. The web site and other marketing materials needed the highest image quality possible. This is something we do every day at FUSE and Lemond found the perfect partner. In addition to the literally hundreds of images, FUSE also created small animations showing various features for these bikes.

The images have been sent to various review sites across the web and have been highly praised for the stunning image quality. It is worth noting that these bikes have only lived in CAD form until now. Nothing had been built, so photography was not even an option. With all the benefits of FUSE rendering, photography would have been far less flexible and logistically difficult to accomplish.

We look forward to the next round of releases from Lemond in the future. It has been very clear from their team we are the shop to call for all upcoming imaging needs.


AGENCY: Lemond

CLIENT: Lemond

LEAD ANIMATORS: Phong Tran, Levi Krippner, Joe Marx

ASSETS: 3D Video and Still Images

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