LawnMaster Nopull™ Series Product Animation

We partnered with Cleva North America to create a video that introduced their newest LawnMaster product line.

The LawnMaster Nopull Series™, powered by Cleva is unlike any other on the market. Homeowners and professionals alike can start these products simply by pressing a button – that’s where the “no pull” name comes in.

This product line is a big deal. We needed to create an exciting animation that informed audiences about this revolutionary series.


CLIENT: Cleva North America

Black, orange, and blue push-button start trimmer

Cleva and the Lawnmaster team wanted to start the animation with a powerful blow apart to show all the different parts that make up the products. Then, they’d dive into all the new features.

And there were a lot of features to highlight, like a new handle system or Rapid Rewind design. Then there was the revolutionary battery start. In creating this impressive piece, project lead Rachel Buchen had to figure out the best way to jump between all these features without seeming too chaotic.

She worked with the Cleva team on this to find the right balance. The resulting animation smoothly moves along the LawnMaster Nopull product, calling out each feature in turn.

Product animations like this work well when companies want to give info to their audiences in a fast and reliable way.

Internal view of Lawnmaster Nopull engine parts
LawnMaster Nopull black and orange comfort handle

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