John Deere Product Animations

We partnered with John Deere in the past to create high-resolution trade show graphics for the 9009A mowerThey wanted to reveal their new mower at the show, but hadn’t manufactured it yet. We used CAD files to create an entire suite of graphics for them.

This year, we teamed up with John Deere once again. They wanted to show off three new features/products on their website. They asked us to create three 3D animations for their new PRO high-capacity mower deck, comfort glide seat, and cross-porting hydraulic transmission.


CLIENT: John Deere

Comfort Glide Seat (Feature Animation)

This project is the featured animation above. It highlights the new comfort glide seat and how its movements affect the rider while mowing. It prevents any bouncing around by moving with the rider. The seat doesn’t just move up and down, but also front and back.

Artists Shawn and Levi tackled this project. Levi created the animation background, along with the textures and lighting. Shawn focused on movement and rendering. The subtle movements of the rider and mower easily show the benefits of the seat: a more comfortable ride, no matter how rough the terrain.

Outline of a person sitting on a green John Deere mower
Close view of person outline sitting on a John Deere mower

PRO High-Capacity Mower Deck

After receiving the PRO deck’s four major features and a general idea for the introduction, we got to work on this next animation. First, FUSE artist Shawn came up with a creative solution for the first scene. The stylized intro gives viewers a preview of the two mower decks before diving into the details.

It’s easy to see the PRO mower deck improvements in this product animation, like the flip-up spindle covers. As the description appears on screen, the accompanying feature is highlighted or magnified.

Product animation still of PRO mower deck with green welded step
Close view of wheel brackets on green John Deere mower deck

Cross-porting Hydraulic Transmission

Since this hydraulic transmission feature is on the same mower as the comfort glide seat, our artists were able to reuse scenes for the beginning of this one.

This cross-porting hydraulic transmission cycles fluid to maintain temperature, even when mowing on an incline. Artist Shawn used particle system X-Particles to animate the fluid as it moves from one side to another (cooling in the process).

He also played around a bit with the component highlights. Rather than simply outlining specific features, he wanted to find a more exciting way to show off specific features. So, he played around a bit with the component highlights. This experimentation paid off – the result is a dynamic view of the inner mechanisms in the transmission.

John Deere also wanted to reveal their new mower at an upcoming trade show and needed high-quality large-format 3D graphics. The only problem? They hadn’t manufactured the mower yet.

But that’s no problem. We can create highly-detailed 3D stills using engineering files – no physical product necessary.

Using John Deere’s CAD files, we created an entire suite of photorealistic trade show graphics of their 9009A Mower. These high-resolution, large-scale 3D graphics work perfectly for trade shows.

In fact, our images worked so well that John Deere also used them in a TV broadcast spot to market this new 9009A mower.

Side view of green and yellow John Deere TerrainCut Mower against white background
Top-down view of a John Deere riding lawnmower
Digital display, buttons, and a gear on green lawnmower
Close render of a green lawnmower cut height control mechanism

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