Insitu ScanEagle3 Drone

Insitu designs, develops, and produces unmanned aircraft systems in the US. To accompany the launch of their new ScanEagle 3 drone, they needed high-quality, versatile marketing assets. Insitu had worked with other 3D vendors in the past but was looking for someone new to elevate their existing brand. That’s where FUSE comes in. We partnered with Insitu to create a precise animation, large-format trade show graphics, and 3D stills that showed off their new drone’s features.

This project was extremely collaborative, both with Insitu’s staff and within our team. We were tasked with developing the story for the animation and worked together with Insitu to create the finished piece.

This project had an added challenge: we were on a very short timeline. Insitu needed graphics within a week for an upcoming trade show.


CLIENT: Insitu

Insitu drone flying high over development

Thanks to our 3D modeling and rendering capabilities, we were able to quickly turn around images to meet that deadline.

While senior animator Joe worked on the animation, our senior rendering specialist Levi put together the 3D stills they needed ASAP.

This allowed us to deliver the graphics for Insitu’s trade show without interfering with the animation process.

White and orange Insitu ScanEagle 3 drone against white background

They planned on using these assets for both sides of their company (commercial aviation and defense military). So we set up different materials for product renders to fit each side.

Gray Insitu ScanEagle 3 Drone image from the top-down

Despite some early delays, we stuck to our initial deadline and delivered every asset Insitu needed for the ScanEagle 3 product launch. Our versatile 3D animation perfectly demonstrates the drone’s features and capabilities.

In addition to an animation and large-format trade show graphics, we incorporated 3D into stock photos and other marketing materials.

Insitu used our 3D illustrations of the ScanEagle 3 on their website, spec sheets, and brochures. We also developed one-off ads for Boeing to promote their new product.

Boeing ad that reads "actionable data from the top down" with an image of the Insitu ScanEagle 3 drone

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