Insitu Integrator Extended Range Drone

After our recent collaboration on the new ScanEagle 3 drone, Insitu came to us with another project. They were debuting a revolutionary new Integrator Extended Range drone, which has beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) technology. Limited range is an ongoing issue for small drones. Though larger drones have this ability, it hasn’t been possible for smaller, portable drones to fly with an obstructed signal. Until now.

This project began with us integrating 3D renders of their new Integrator Extended Range drone into photos for brochures and other PR materials. Then, after delivering those, they asked us to create an animation.


CLIENT: Insitu

Gray Insitu drone against a white background for new product launch

The goal of this animation was to present their new drone’s BLOS hardware in an easy-to-understand way. In order to do that, the animation needed to be digestible for both Insitu’s main clientele and for people who aren’t familiar with the technology at all.

They didn’t have a concept for the animation yet, so FUSE took on the creative work for this project. We first needed to figure out the best way to deliver this information to Insitu’s audience.

This animation needed to accomplish two things: showing off the Integrator Extended Range drone’s new features and explaining the BLOS hardware.

Instead of separating these features from the environment, our team combined them. The entire animation would take place in a real-world large-scale environment as if the drone was actively on a mission. The Insitu team liked this direction, so we got to work.

Gray Insitu Drone flying over a beach between a blue ocean and lush green hills

Using existing footage of typical terrain as a reference, our team built a new large-scale 3D environment. To show viewers how the BLOS hardware worked, we added animated signals to and from the drone. You can see the drone’s transition from line-of-sight control to BLOS extended range with those radio signals.

Gray Insitu drone flying over rocky terrain in a large-scale environment image

The resulting animation accomplishes both goals in an easy-to-understand format. Insitu was delighted with the result and is using our large-scale environment animation, along with our integrated 3D images, on their website and for promotional purposes.

We’re looking forward to continuing this new partnership with Insitu.

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