Four air intake auto turbocharger hoses and accessories from Gates product catalog


Gates is a leading manufacturer of power transmission and fluid power products. They wanted to modernize their extensive product catalog, but it constantly changes as they add new products or change existing ones. Photographing all that would be time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

That’s where FUSE comes in. 3D product images are flexible, so we can build an asset library and add product updates with ease. We helped Gates establish a new look and feel for their online assets and rendered their top products in each catalog category. They didn’t have any CAD files, so we built the 3D models ourselves. In the end, we delivered photo-realistic images that fit this new look to help Gates show off their products.



Orange NuTLink belt image from Gates product catalog

With over a century of experience, everything Gates does is geared toward powering the future. So, Gates presented us with the opportunity to modernize and add consistency to their product catalog. Our artists couldn’t have been more thrilled!

One of the challenges for a global manufacturing company is keeping an updated catalog. With an ever-changing line of products, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. But that’s where we can help.

With 3D rendering, you have control over even the smallest detail. Our flexible work lets us build up an asset library to provide product updates with ease.

Mechanical thermostat part from Gates product catalog

Our work with Gates started through an agency partnership. During that time, we worked closely with account teams and product managers to coordinate project details.

In lieu of engineering files, Gates shipped us their physical products. Our team of dedicated artists photographed each part and then built 3D models of each product.

From there, we created photorealistic renders for their newly designed website. It was a lot of work but the end result was absolutely worth it.

Our images have helped Gates push their product imagery into the future. FUSE has brought precision and quality to their images across different product catalogs. We’re looking forward to our continued partnership.

35 evenly spaced industrial and automotive parts from Gates

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