Ergotron Juv Sit-Stand Office Desk

Ergotron’s new office desk, Jūv, is a non-electric design with zero floor supports. It works by utilizing small spaces and keeping work environments organized and efficient.

We’ve worked with Ergotron before and recently helped them launch web graphics for their Carefit hospital desks. From this, we learned how to make their products stand out in their best light. The most important aspect was making sure we included a wide variety of environments to show their product in.

At only 26″, their new Jūv desk is aesthetically pleasing while taking up little space in an office. There’s even a controlled cable management system included in it so cords are organized all in one place. It was important for us to highlight these feautres this while also showing the desk’s functionality.

These desks even encourage employees to stand instead of sit to help combat an overly sedentary lifestyle. A few years ago, Ergotron found that 86% of Americans sit at work the entire day. In a CDC study released last year, sitting all day at work can lead to higher heart rates and even certain cancers.

To combat the sedentary work lifestyle, try taking exercise breaks, such as walking outside and make sure to foster a work enviornment where every employee has the option of a standing desk.

Take a look at Ergotron’s Juv desk in a variety of different office settings below.


CLIENT: Ergotron

LEAD ANIMATOR: Levi Krippner

ASSETS: Web graphics

cubicle in open office
small office with two desk chairs
open layout office with desks
small closed office with table and two chairs
open office layout with wall of windows to the right
small office rendering with offices alongside and window to the right
two chairs at a desk in open office layout

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