Airex E-Flex Guard

Airex’s E-Flex Guard is designed to insulate outdoor applications where adhesive tapes cannot be used.

This Airex product is specifically engineered for PVC materials. It’s engineered to sustainably protect outdoor pipe insulation with UV/weather resistant material and a Class II vapor retarder that complies with the latest energy codes. With VFX being at the heart of what we do, this project was a perfect example of how we design products and bring them to life with 3D.

The main challenge during this project was showing the different environments it will live in, such as cold weather and heat. The E-Flex Guard is designed to protect against both weather and physical damage, such as ice, rain, mold, and more, so it was imperative that we displayed this accurately.

We also created still images of the Airex E-Flex Guard piping being used with air conditioners on urban rooftops.




ASSETS: 3D Video and Still Images

3D air conditioners on urban rooftop
3D air conditioners on urban rooftop
3D air conditioners on urban rooftop

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