Bradley Corporation

The Bradley Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of washroom solutions. Bradley has been at the forefront of modern, industrial plumbing fixtures for nearly 100 years. They are the industry go-to for handwashing solutions, toilet cubicles, and other washroom accessories.

The Bradley Corporation has contracted FUSE for a variety of marketing materials over the last year. We created a suite of animations showcasing various washroom fixtures and finishes. In addition to the animations, we have also delivered many still images for print, web and tradeshow.

Bradley has been a stellar client. Always good with communication both at the beginning of a project and at every stage of development. It has been a pleasure working with them on these. As they continue to innovate new products, FUSE will be there to help them tell their story and keep their competition looking over their shoulders.


AGENCY: Bradley Corporation

LEAD ANIMATORS: Phong Tran, Levi Krippner, Joe Marx, Shawn Letendre

ASSETS: 3D Animation and Still Images

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