3M Filtrete Air Purifiers

3M’s Filtrete Air Purifiers are designed to clear the air of pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, and bacteria for cleaner air indoors. These clean, crisp, 3D product renders were created to display their room air purifiers digitally for promotional use. Customers can shop the variety of air purifiers on the Filtrete website and choose from different sizes and colors, each variation designed by us in 3D.

The bulk of our work is creating consumer products. One of the biggest challenges our clients face is displaying their product in a variety of angles, whether it be for still images or in a video. This can be challenging when using traditional photography shoots. We can pull apart products such as 3M Filtrete, display them from multiple angles, and show off what really makes them unique against their competitors.



LEAD ARTIST: Shawn Letendre

white air filter
air filter system pulled apart
black air filter on white background

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