Our Creative Partnership with Pella (Case Study)

CGI image of a sunny white home with beautiful window

We love talking about our creative partnerships. In our latest industry case study on Windows and Glass, we talked all about using 3D rendering to solve some of the industry’s visual challenges.

So this week, we’re highlighting our work and partnership with one of these window and glass companies.

FUSE has worked with Pella and The Integer Group for multiple years. Our team has created installation animations for sales staff as well as building photorealistic models for their product catalogs.

About Pella and the Integer Group

Pella is an innovative window and door manufacturing company. They are committed to providing sustainable, energy-efficient window solutions to their customers.

Pella has dozens of products, but after years of working with different photographers and agencies, they had a problem with their images. Their catalogs were filled with disparate visuals, making their product offering seem disjointed and outdated.

The Integer Group is a full-service advertising agency specializing in retail, shopper, and promotional marketing. They reached out to us and asked if we could help fix Pella’s problem. We specialize in creating better-than-real visuals, so the project was a great fit.

From One Project to a Long-Term Partnership

Our initial project with Pella and the Integer Group – creating 3D renderings of their entire product line for their catalogs – evolved into a long-standing partnership.

While working with them, we created:

  • High-quality, photorealistic product catalog images
  • 360-degree product spin animations
  • 100+ 3D product models for an online configurator
  • Three installation animations
Pella double hung window pane being installed in a home

Easing Customer Concerns with Window Installation Videos

Pella asked us to create several window installation videos. The animations needed to be hyper-realistic and explain the process of installing a Pella window. Their sales staff would use these videos to show customers what to expect during their new window installation.

One of the goals of these videos was to ease customer’s concerns about their homes getting damaged during installation. To do this, the animations needed to be 100% accurate representations of the process.

Window CGI surrounded by spray foam created using X-Particles

The Project in Progress

Naturally, Pella wanted these window installation videos to look as close to the real process as possible. And Technical Specialist Shawn Letendre’s former construction and carpentry knowledge really came in handy here.

Though the Pella team provided us with a lot of information about window installation, Shawn was able to fill in the gaps with his own background knowledge. This was incredibly helpful in getting the animation sequence just right.

During the spray foam sequence (see image above), Shawn got to try out X-Particles for the first time. Since then, he’s used this particle engine to create some pretty cool simulations for other projects (both for clients and internal work).

While creating product CGI for Pella’s catalogs, our team developed custom window texture tools that let them create hundreds of images quickly and efficiently.

After rendering hundreds of 3D window product images and creating realistic animations, our artists basically became window experts.

Large house surrounded by palm trees featuring pella windows and doors

The Challenge: Building an Entire Neighborhood

Installation videos can sometimes fall flat. They’re boring without any visually interesting elements beyond what’s absolutely necessary.

But that’s not our style.

Pella asked us to create an exciting and engaging window installation video for their customers. So, the team created entire neighborhoods surrounding the featured home, including backyards and greenery. This was an added challenge for the team, but the results were incredible.

In the animation below, keep an eye on the window reflections. You can see those backyard elements in the window pane as it’s being installed. That’s the level of detail that sets this video apart from other installation videos.

Creating Intricate 3D Models for an Online Configurator

Pella manufactures front door entry system windows in addition to other window products. They were working with The Integer Group to build an online product configurator that would allow customers to look through different models.

So, one of our many projects with them was to develop those 3D models. We didn’t need to render them, but the project would require us to build hundreds of intricate product models, which they would use to develop the online configurator.

The size of this project alone was a challenge, not to mention the products were pretty intricate. Building models for their entryway line included intricate glass window shapes in addition to the doors and windows around them.

“The sheer scale of this project made it both challenging and exciting to work on. We had to develop hundreds of images across their entire entry way line, which led me to create a specialized work flow and a way to keep everything organized.” – Shawn Letendre, Technical Specialist

The team worked with Pella’s window engineers to get the best possible file formats, then – with Shawn’s super organized workflow – they got to work. We delivered high-quality models for The Integer Group to turn into an online configurator.

Pella window front door entry from installation video

Working with The Integer Group and Pella

Our product imagery work has helped Pella develop a consistent, high-quality look across their catalogs and website. Also, they use our work to promote new products online and via social media.

Their sales staff use our window installation animations to help customers understand the process. Pella even used our imagery for print and in-store signage at Lowe’s.

The guys at Fuse are fun to work with, and I actually look forward to collaborating with them on projects. They are very responsive to direction, while also offering great input from their expertise as well. They are passionate and experienced at what they do, diligent to meet deadlines, and provide a great finished product with which we and our clients are very pleased. When I give Fuse a project, I know it’s in great hands. – Rachel Norgaard, Project Manager at The Integer Group

If you want to learn more about our work with Windows and Glass companies, head over to our latest industry case study. You can see how we helped companies like Renewal by Andersen and Viracon tackle their toughest visual challenges.

And if you want to connect with us and talk about your company’s visual needs, please reach out via our contact form or by phone (612-886-3502).

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