Pella Windows Case Study

Revitalizing Pella's product catalog with photorealistic CGI

Pella Windows Image showing Side of Home
Cross section of a pine Pella window

The Challenge

Pella is an innovative window and door manufacturing company. For years they worked with different photographers for their product catalog images, but this was becoming a problem. Their catalogs were filled with disparate image styles, making their product offerings seem outdated.

The Integer Group reached out to us to see if we could fix Pella’s problem. We specialize in creating better-than-real visuals, so the project was a great fit.

Not only did they want to give their product catalog a makeover, but they also wanted to bring their windows to life and highlight their best features.

They needed us to create 3D renderings of all their catalog items, including window cross sections; 360-degree product spin animations; and three installation animations.

Getting Started

To kick off this project, we worked with Pella’s window engineers to get the best available product files. Getting these helped make the model process import super smooth – leading to a fast turnaround time.

It also helps to get a closer look at actual products. If we can see a company’s products up close (or even color and material swatches), it’s easier for us to get the final images looking perfect. Pella sent us examples of finishes and products. Our team used these to develop photorealistic lighting and textures.

With all this in hand and a solid rendering process in place, we dove into production.

Project In Progress

Tackling the product catalog images was the biggest part of this project. Our team developed a series of custom window texture tools to help. With these tools, they created hundreds of photorealistic, high-quality images quickly and efficiently. Doing this meant a speedy turnaround time, not to mention keeping the project within scope and saving on Pella’s budget.

Then we created the Pella window installation animations. These videos demonstrated the ease of installing their windows and helped customers understand the process.

By the end of all this work, our artists basically became window experts.

The End Result

We created hundreds (or more) images, several installation videos, dozens of 360-degree product spin animations, and models for an online configurator for Pella. Each of these visuals highlighted their unique product features in beautiful, photo-real quality.

Using our work, Pella saw improved responses to their new product roll-outs and elevated brand awareness. Not to mention, now they had a consistent look across all their marketing channels – from print to video and social media.

We had enjoyed our creative partnership with these companies. We’re looking forward to working with Pella and The Integer Group again.

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