Medtronic Heart Valve Implant Case Study

Creating Accurate, Photorealistic 3D Models of Medical Devices

Medtronic heart valve implant medical device visual

The Challenge

When Medtronic was looking to update some of their heart valve implants, they came to us for help. They wanted the implants to be more in line with their new branding and asked us to build the 3D models.

Medical device companies need to be careful that they put forward visuals that match the real product. For that reason, these CGI models had to be 100% accurate to the actual implant. Every angle and detail had to be completely photorealistic.

The biggest challenge here was getting the cloth and tissue components right. We’ve worked with medical device companies before, so we knew it would take some serious ingenuity to get it done. So, we assigned the project to one of our brightest problem solvers at FUSE – Phong Tran.

Getting Started

First, Phong and the team needed to get the best possible engineering files. They worked with heart valve implant product specialists to get info on the plastic and metal components. We also received Medtronic’s heart valve implants preserved in solution to help us get the look just right.

Each of these elements would help in building realistic medical device models that matched Medtronic’s new brand look.

With these samples in hand and a solid understanding of our clients’ vision, we got to work.

Project In Progress

As we mentioned, it was critical for us to get these models to look 100% accurate. Phong spent a lot of time researching and developing a process to handle the digital cloth.

After a few long days, he got the fabric to look perfect. He took care to make sure each component was true to the physical implant, even down to the strings in the cinched version.

The final images were impressive. All that careful attention to the textures and lighting paid off. The 3D medical implant models were completely accurate representations of the real thing.

The End Result

Medical companies need to have high-quality visuals of their products, but it’s not always easy to get them. Some products – like Medtronic’s heart valve implant – are tiny. It’s hard to photograph something so small, especially when you want to show it from multiple angles.

That’s why 3D rendered models are so great for medical devices.

Our team developed dozens of images for Medtronic. Each image highlighted the beauty of this life-saving implant while making sure no detail was left behind.

These realistic medical device visuals helped Medtronic maintain brand consistency across all their marketing channels when promoting their heart valve implants.

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