Fjords Baloo Chair Case Study

Fjords Baloo Chair Image with Red Chair

The Challenge

Fjords is a leading Norwegian furniture manufacturer who teamed up with renowned designer Olav Eldøy to create the Baloo chair. They approached us about visual assets that would highlight this sleek 60s-inspired chair’s shape and curves. Their team wanted CG furniture images and 3D animation.

Since it would accompany the chair’s global launch, the animation needed to be stylish, elegant, and perfect.

We love taking on new challenges, especially ones that let us show off our creative and technical expertise.

This project’s biggest challenge? Balancing company aesthetics with the chair’s design while building an engaging and information animation for Fjords’ audience.

Getting Started

Every FUSE project begins with CAD files. Fjords’ engineers supplied us with only partial CAD data, so we first needed to work on that. We created CG furniture models based on their files, then began developing the life-like elements of the Baloo chair design.

Fjords wanted to show off the chair’s curves and lines. Keeping that in mind, we worked closely with their team to develop a visual story to match both the aesthetics of their company and the chair’s designer.

Project In Progress

To show off the chair’s details up close, our artists created lifelike cloth textures and detailed stitch work. These details get the audience as close to the chair as possible without being in the same room.

Fjords asked us to source music for this piece, so we carefully selected music to complement the product and its design. Once we had the design elements in place, it was time to start animating.

We created a draft version of the animation, then uploaded them to Basecamp for client review. Working with FUSE is highly collaborative; we believe in strong communication and give our clients the opportunity to provide feedback throughout production. Our team also sent along CG furniture models.

The End Result

We delivered a beautiful, stylish animation and a series of CG furniture images that showcased the Baloo chair’s sleek design. The final product hit all the notes perfectly to show what makes this product unique.

Using these visuals, Fjords’ release of the Baloo chair was incredibly successful. They saw an immediate spike in consumer and retail sales.

In fact, the chair’s success was so overwhelming, Fjords asked us to develop three more 3D rendered furniture animations for other chairs in their product line.

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Meet the Fjords Baloo Chair

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