Exploring a Year of Possible with FUSE

We take on all kinds of projects at FUSE. Some of our clients have a specific need: a single animation or photorealistic renderings for a product launch. But many of our clients are looking for more. They’re looking for a long-term creative partner. Someone who can help them develop 3D visuals and assets for everything they might need. Some have a plan in place; others don’t.

Our goal is always to develop amazing 3D assets that deliver incredible results – results that align with our clients’ goals. To achieve this, we work together to create the perfect images and visuals for their brand. The entire creative strategic planning process is highly collaborative, with tons of back and forth communication.

But why tell you when we can show you what we do? We’re highlighting three of our client partnerships to show how we develop these creative, strategic plans.

Renewal by Andersen

We started working with Renewal by Andersen back in 2016. In the beginning, they had just a few projects in mind. Our team created a window animation along with a few other photorealistic renderings.

Beautifully lit kitchen with white counters and a view out the Renewal by Andersen windows

Then the following year, we sat down with them to discuss their upcoming year. Our goal was to develop a creative strategic plan to strengthen their existing campaigns and prepare for those in the future.

We asked: What’s coming next for the company? What products are you launching? What are your goals for this year?

They gave us an outline of their year, complete with some significant milestone projects. From there, we worked with them to create a “Year of Possible” plan. The plan included ideas for how 3D could help achieve many of those goals.

But you can’t tackle everything at once.

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Claw-foot bathtub in front of large windows overlooking a snowy backyard

We split their roadmap into manageable pieces. First, we picked out the less complex projects we could get done right away with a smaller budget. Then, collaborating with their staff, we created a plan for these bigger, more time-intensive projects according to their timeline.

The services our commercial animation studio offers include 3D rendered/CGI images and animations, but we also develop interactive graphics and integrate CGI elements into photographs or film.

Some of these projects for their upcoming year included integrating 3D windows into ad photos with Charlie, their signature installation guy.

Three images of a man in a Renewal by Andersen uniform holding windows

Throughout all this, we considered Renewal by Anderson’s budget and realistic timelines. Any projects that fell outside of that scope were set aside or altered to fit. Renewal by Andersen could pick and choose the highest priority projects or those that could be done the soonest.

We carefully and thoughtfully developed a creative strategic plan taking into account each of these considerations. The result was a perfectly tailored plan of action for tackling their 2017 goals.


Viracon approached us about pushing their brand into the future. They wanted a corporate video that told their brand’s story. One that emphasized the beauty and the security of their windows.

Working closely with their team, our artists got to work developing an animation that reflected Viracon’s mission. They’d never been able to represent their brand visually…until working with us.

Blueprint of a Viracon building from brand strategic planning project

This branding video would be the first part of our creative strategic planning with Viracon. They hoped to reach new audiences, change their market positioning, and stand out against competing brands.

So, their roadmap included new branding content (like the corporate video), glass animations, and training videos for their sales staff.

Birds-eye view of a skyscraper with the word "quality" below

By discussing strategy ahead of time, our 3D animation studio can work together to find 3D solutions that take our clients closer to reaching their biggest goals.

Sleep Number

We love working with Sleep Number. Our creative partnership began in 2012 with a single animation and evolved into a long-standing relationship. We currently handle the majority of Sleep Number’s web and 3D work.

Centered smart bed mattress in the middle of a wood paneled room, part of Sleep Number's strategic planning for product launch

From that first project, they asked if FUSE would build assets for an upcoming trade show – their first CES exhibit. That year, Sleep Number won “Best of CES” award that year, and we’ve been partnering with them at CES every year since. (Oh yeah, and each time they’ve won awards for their exhibit).

Our creative strategic planning with Sleep Number happens throughout the year. We regularly meet to discuss yearly plans and product releases. Or just to catch up with Sean, the VP of Brand Expression and Josie, senior content producer.

We’re always talking about new and upcoming projects. From there, we figure out how our 3D images and visuals can help Sleep Number reach important milestones.

Flexible Sleep Number smart bed p6 mattress in modern room

Strategic Planning with FUSE

Collaboration and communication are crucial in this type of creative strategic planning. We don’t make assumptions about what our clients need nor do we shut them out of the process.

Instead, we combine our 3D animation, and 3D modeling expertise with our clients’ industry knowledge to build a roadmap to success. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. And the best partnerships are just that – working together to identify goals and addressing challenges as they come.

We do a lot of single projects for clients who have a specific need. But more often than not, that one-off project turns into a long-term creative partnership. It’s as rewarding for us as it is for our clients to plan for the future, execute projects to reach milestones, and see the amazing results.

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