Why You Should Ditch Photography Sets for Zero Waste 3D Rendering

Photography vs 3D Rendering

Interested in replacing photography with 3D rendering for your business or to showcase your products? 3D rendering can provide significant benefits over photography shoots.

In this article, we’ll talk about why you should consider using 3D rendering instead of photography:

3D rendering of a kitchen with an island, hardwood floors, and updated appliances

The Not-So-Hidden Environmental Cost of Photo Shoots

Photoshoots can be time-consuming and finicky.

For example, you need to make sure the lighting is perfect, the prototype shipped on time, and the set looks just right. It can be an expensive ordeal, especially considering travel costs and setup for the shoot itself. But have you ever considered the toll photography sets take on the environment? With so many companies pushing to reach green goals, it’s time to ditch the sets and replace photography with 3D rendering and even 3D animation.

Setting up photography sets is incredibly wasteful, and not just in terms of money spent. Think about the resources that go into creating, shipping, and photographing products in a physical space.

First of all, you need to build a set that could cost thousands of dollars (or more), depending on what you need and what you’re shooting. And you likely won’t use that set again. So, all those resources that went into building the set will be scrapped after the shoot.

Wire frame image of a kitchen without color to show why companies should replace photography with 3D rendering

And what about those prototypes you used? You likely can’t sell those back to your consumers.

Most companies release products year-round, meaning you may be going through this entire process multiple times each year. All that waste can add up, putting a hefty environmental price tag on your product catalog images. It is likely even holding your company back from reaching its green initiatives.

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3D Rendering vs. Photography: Which is Greener?

3D rendering is the alternative to traditional photography that eliminates wasted resources. In fact, it’s a zero-waste option. With 3D rendering vs photography, you can create digital sets that perfectly fit your need, from modern kitchens to snowy mountain peaks.

Do you need furniture? A specific tree or building in the background? Not a problem.

Whatever your shoot needs, no matter how detailed or rare, 3D rendering can deliver for your marketing plan. You don’t need to travel to an exotic location or spend extra for fast delivery. Quite literally the only limits are your imagination.

All that without wasting building materials or other resources. When considering 3D rendering vs photography, choose the greener option! Read more here about deciding between renders and product photography.

3D Images Prevent Future Waste

Even better, your company can have 3D assets in hand faster when you replace photography with 3D rendering. At FUSE Animation, we use the Redshift rendering engine.

There’s no need to wait for prototypes to ship, last-minute changes slowing things down, or corrections after the fact. And you can always make adjustments to lighting, material, or the digital set after the fact.

Wireframe image of a VW Tiguan set against dirt road and green field

For changes down the road, whether it’s for a seasonal campaign or a new product launch, 3D images can be quickly updated at a fraction of the cost to reshoot. With photography, you’d be starting the whole process over again. With 3D rendering vs photography, you’ll never need to build another one again. Find out more about 3D rendering in our guide.

Zero waste, perfect images. Contact our commercial animation studio and replace photography with 3D!

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3D rendering of red VW Tiguan car on dirt road near green fields

Replace photography with 3D!

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