Watch Products Grow with 3D

Sun rays shining on corn leaf crop

An Industry with an Impact

Whether we realize it or not, farming is at the heart of our global economy. One single farm in the U.S. can feed 165 people. That being said, with the global population increasing, every farmer will have to grow almost 70% more food than what is now being produced.

We take agriculture seriously, especially with the Midwest region, or the “Breadbasket of America”, as one of the largest areas of agricultural production in the world. Over the years, we’ve supported incredible agribusinesses that work hard to make a difference in the industry. Let’s dig into our experience in this industry and how we continue to support companies that value hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Growing Crops and Building Brands

Midwestern states, sometimes referred to as the “Corn Belt”, utilize 75% of agricultural land to grow corn and soybeans. Iowa leads the nation in corn production, which is used in every-day products like ethanol, shampoo, gum, marshmallows and paper.

Agribusinesses in our area tend to focus on these two main crops. When customers search for new products to use on their corn or soybean farms, they want to see every feature and aspect of it, so they know it’s the right fit. 

We partnered with Martin Williams Syngenta to provide photorealistic images for their new product being featured in magazine print ads. The product, Miravis Neo Fungicide, offers disease control for corn and soybean plants.

Our artists were presented the challenge of creating a realistic crop in a recognizable environment. Each plant had to display some sort of disease, since these crops were illustrated fleeing from an infected field and running to a healthy field that had been treated with the company’s new fungicide. To do this, the team had to show decay on the crops, such as brown leaves, week roots, and short growth.

Corn plant crossing a dirt road walking from a diseased field to a healthy field.

Never Cutting Corners

Arguably the best part about 3D animation is being able to create something that doesn’t even exist yet. For John Deere, we did exactly that. They were preparing for an upcoming trade show and were in need of graphics to accompany their display. The problem was, they didn’t have the product they were promoting manufactured yet.

With no need for a physical product, we were able to get started creating photorealistic renderings of their new 9009A mower. 

Images like these are a perfect fit for agriculture industires that need to show off their new product and point to every detail and feature. Every customer wants to know that they’re buying a product that’s going to last and be worth their investment. When working with Sentera, we helped build videos, images and advertisements that display the features of their new app. Farmers can easily see how the app is used on their smartphone to analyze and collect data from their satellite, drone and other sources during every season.

We make sure to highlight the features that customers want to see and help them visualize exactly what the product will look like, as if it’s right in front of them.

Sentera Magazine Crop Analyzing App Ad
Sentera fall cornfield harvest with tractor

Ready to see your products grow with 3D?