Viracon Corporate Brand Video Case Study

Pushing Viracon's Brand Into the Future

Viracon Branding Image with Tower

The Challenge

In 2017, architectural glass fabricator Viracon approached us about pushing their brand into the future. But they weren’t just looking for any corporate video. They wanted an animation that told their brand’s story and conveyed a sense of authority and security.

This animation needed to embrace the core values of their brand while showing the beauty of their high-tech glass.

We’re all about helping people tell their stories here at FUSE. Our concept was as grand as their vision: build a towering skyscraper from the ground up surrounded by Viracon’s shimmering glass.

Image of FUSE artist Ben Lodge next to quote about Viracon project

Getting Started

This video was a massive undertaking. First, we recorded the voice over and picked music for the video. This audio would help set the animation’s overall pacing.

Then we moved onto the real challenging part: creating and rendering an entire city. The Viracon skyscraper would rise from the middle of this landscape.

Viracon held this project very close to their heart. After all, it would set the tone for their new brand launch. As a result, it was critical that we perfectly executed their vision. We worked closely with their team throughout the entire project to make sure we were getting that right.

Project In Progress

After constructing the entire realistic 3D city, we moved onto the animation. Specifically, we worked on the camera movements throughout the video. Since Viracon is in the architecture industry, we constructed the building using elements that reinforced that position.

At this point, we had spent a lot of time and energy creating an entirely realistic CGI city. Not wanting to let that go to waste, we decided to explore our new metro. Our goal was to transform the landscape into a beautiful, seamless visual experience for their audience.

We really wanted to make this corporate brand video pop. So, our team carefully added texture, color, and lighting to make it look as realistic as possible.

The End Result

In the end, we delivered a bold corporate brand video to Viracon. This video helped them stand apart from their competition and reinforce their position in the market.

The Viracon team was thrilled with the brand video. They saw it as the next step in their organization’s new branding efforts.

We were also overwhelmingly pleased with the outcome. While tackling this project, we got to implement some new tech and experiment with unique ways to light and render the scenes.

Not only that, but we also got to build an entire city from scratch – that was pretty cool.

Not Your Average Corporate Branding Video

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