Turn to 3D Product Rendering for Stunning Package Artwork

The Benefits of 3D Rendering for Product Renders

Why choose 3D product rending for your products?

Imagine you’re releasing a new product this year. It’s an exciting time, and your whole team is ready to put the launch plan into action. Of course, you want to get that product out to market ASAP.

However, before you can launch your product, you’ll need to develop promo materials and product packaging. As you likely know, it takes time to test and perfect these designs, so you’ll want to dive in right away. However, any pre-launch marketing, the packaging design, the release itself – is on hold until the product’s been manufactured. You will have to wait for the prototype before you can set up a photo shoot. This delay may have you waiting for a while.

How do you prevent this? We recommend considering 3D product rendering for your business. With it, you don’t have to rely on a physical prototype. Instead you’ll have a rendered, easy-to-edit image!

Fender Earbuds
Fender Earbuds
Fender Earbuds
Fender Earbuds

What is Prototype Product Rendering?

3D product rendering involves using professional computer rendering tools to create incredibly photorealistic images and 3D animations for use in advertising, videos, and marketing strategies. Choosing 3D product rendering over photography, for example, helps to save time and money, since you’ll be investing in flexible and easy-to-edit renders that can be edited quickly.

By using photorealistic 3D rendering, you can develop quality product packaging, reach your deadline, and get your product out in the market – faster!

Start Developing Package Designs with Pre-Prototype Visuals

Product packaging is highly valuable to businesses. In fact, this market research study conducted by Ipsos, it was found that 72% of consumers say that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions.

Since humans are strongly attracted to visuals, the findings in this study aren’t surprising at all. It reveals just how important product rendering and excellent packaging design are.

At FUSE Animation, we believe that product packaging must combine both design and functionality. Not only should it be eye-catching, but it also needs to be informative and serve an actual purpose for your customers.

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Opting for 3D product rendering helps to significantly reduce the time, money, and effort that goes into designing and deploying your product packaging. In fact, a 3D product render is essentially a pre-prototype that you can test and market with.

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Vacuum 3D Product Renders

Benefits of 3D Product Rendering

Is your product close to launch and in the pre-launch marketing stages?

One of the most compelling reasons for choosing 3D product rendering is that it reduces the changes, delays, and wasted time and money that occurs when developing packaging designs and artwork before your product is even available.

Last minute design changes often happen, which can cause manufacturers and the marketing team scrambling to meet deadlines.

  • Less Costly: With the flexibility of 3D product rendered visuals, these last-minute changes are less costly, since you can make quick revisions with little time or energy required.
  • Easy-to-Scale: High-resolution 3D assets are easy to scale. This means that your imagery will not warp or become pixelated when expanded to a larger size.


Here is an example of a Kenmore vacuum 3D product image that demonstrates the crisp and clear quality of a product rendering.

Faster, Easier User Testing than Photography

Let’s talk about why 3D product rendering is a better choice than photography.

Even if your product prototype is all ready to go, there is still a lot of A/B testing that still has to occur, and photographers can only touch up so much before they have to schedule another photoshoot.

In fact, many packaging designs may go through dozens of changes before settling on an official design. Even after all that, the official design still needs a stakeholder and executive buy-in.

Having major changes to your product packaging designs can cause delays in your product’s launch. Unless, that is, you choose 3D product rendering. 3D product renders simply require opening the file and making the changes there. No additional photoshoots are needed.

So whenever you need to perform multiple rounds of testing on your product, you should seriously consider the many benefits that 3D product rendering offers.

Tis the Season for Promotional Designs

Looking to launch a seasonal campaign for the holiday season or springtime? No matter the type of product or service you are offering, you will likely have a seasonal campaign launch at some point during the year.

3D product rendering is perfectly suited to this.

Have your 3D artists simply edit your existing product packaging files and edit the design elements to fit the type of campaign you are running. No matter if you have to change the texture or lighting, this process is easy.

While you can opt for a photoshoot, you do have to factor in additional backdrops, props, and making sure everything is consistent across your brand.

Photorealistic 3D product rendering is going to be your best bet when it comes to consistency across all campaigns.

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Wahoo KICKR bike trainer product against white background
Photorealistic 3D assets like this Wahoo KICKR bike trainer are scalable, fitting perfectly into product package design templates.

You Don't Have to Wait for a Prototype to Develop Stellar Product Packaging

In summary, any delays in the timeline of your product launch, or manufacturing delays can be costly. You may be stuck with outdated photos, a missed deadline, and wasted effort if you’re not careful.

Since you and your design and marketing team have put in so much time and energy, it makes sense for you to opt for an alternative to product photography.

Choosing 3D product animation and rendering instead will give you all the flexibility you’re looking for – plus it is cost-effective and easier to make changes for many years to come.

For more information, please take a look at our guide to 3D rendering here.

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