Make Products Pop With 3D Web Graphics

There comes a time to start thinking of new and memorable ways to showcase your products online. Sure, having quality images and descriptive text to accompany it is one technique. But what if visitors could experience every angle of your product, and truly visualize what it would be like to use it in real time?

At FUSE, we’re constantly working to improve the way products stand out. To do this, we’ve mastered designing 3D web graphics in a variety of ways, making it easy for brands to choose what would work best for them.

Think of the products your company already makes. What type of web graphic would be the most beneficial to bring it to life? Maybe it’s an interactive graphics or a 3D still image. Our services are limitless and designed to not only enhance your products but to continue elevating your brand’s image.

Sleep number bed in minimalistic room

3D Images and Animation

These two web graphics are the perfect way to display movement and make your product appear realistic on screen. Together, 3D images and animation provide companies with a powerful business tool to bring their products to life for online shoppers.

In fact, 62 percent of consumers prefer shopping online vs. in-store because they can easily search and find what they’re looking for. This is an important reason why your products need to look their best to provide an effortless shopping experience for visitors to your site.

For Sleep Number, we did exactly that. We modeled their new 360 Smart Bed and created 360-degree product rotations for customers to visualize their furniture from every angle. While doing research on products, shoppers can interact with the 360 Smart Bed to see what it offers that makes it unique.


Visual effects are at the heart of everything we make. We blend creativity with technology to create one-of-a-kind product animations. This is perfect for product launches, trade shows, or to use on social media to drive traffic and increase engagement on your site.

When Cleva North America was ready to announce their recent addition to their LawnMaster product line, they wanted it to really stand out. To get audiences excited, we created an animation that not only informed viewers of the new series but gave them a closer look inside the product and the features it offers.

Medical device and pieces

Video Production and Interactive Graphics

It may not be easy to record your product being used, but that’s where we come in. With video production and interactive graphics, users can view how your product functions and even see what it looks like on the inside. In 2019, Hubspot reported that using videos can increase organic traffic by up to 157%. These services are perfect for brands that have a more complicated product and need to visually represent its functionality from a variety of angles.

Take for example the inside of a medical device. It’s not an easy task to record a medical tool being used during any type of procedure. We’ve partnered with companies like Boston Scientific and Medtronic to edit and produce an engaging video of their devices that demonstrate exactly how it performs, even inside the body.


Check out a few of our other 3D web graphics:

Ready to make your products pop in 3D?