Photorealistic Medical Device Animations

Visual Communication for Medical Devices

There are a lot of practical barriers to presenting medical device visuals. First of all, capturing live medical equipment demos would be almost impossible – not to mention messy. You can’t just take a video of your device removing plaque within a vessel wall or inserting an implant.

That being said, medical device companies need to communicate the details and benefits of their products visually. While you can describe in detail how it works, visuals can convey that information in a much easier way.

Digital medical device animations can efficiently explain your device’s mechanics and demonstrate how it works, even deep inside the body.

Educating Audiences with Medical Device Animations

Our clients use these images and animations to educate audiences from all backgrounds – from healthcare professionals and researchers to patients and end users.

For example, SAM Medical uses our work on their website to provide critical information about their life-saving tourniquets and other devices. Their targeted audience includes the military, law enforcement agents, EMS, and first responders.

We used 3D models of their products to create medical device animations that show them in action without interference – no leg or arm or other body part getting in the way.

100% Accuracy, Guaranteed

Sometimes companies opt for 3D-rendered assets because there’s no other way to capture visuals of their medical products. One of the many advantages of 3D rendering/CGI is its photorealistic qualities. We can build, texture, and render models that are 100% accurate to the real medical device.

When we worked with Medtronic to update their heart valve implant imagery, this was particularly important. These medical device visuals, which they would use on their website needed to match the actual product down to the tiniest detail perfectly.

Luckily, we’re experts with this. Our team carefully built 3D models based on CAD files and the devices themselves (shipped to us in a protective solution). From there, we provided Medtronic highly realistic, scalable digital and print assets.

Presenting Photorealistic, Scalable 3D Medical Device Visuals

Each medical device is unique, which is why our 3D design process is so collaborative.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their medical products, from how they work to how they benefit patients and healthcare professionals.

Our photorealistic medical device animations and images are scalable and versatile, perfectly fitting any need from trade show exhibits and presentations to billboard and broadcast spots.

Turn to Medical Device Animation Experts

We also understand that it’s essential for medical device companies to get their clients interested right away. Especially when they’re bringing an innovative, revolutionary product to the market.

For that reason, we strive to add a beautiful, cinematic quality to these visuals so our clients can engage their audience from the start.

If your company is looking to launch a new medical device or update existing visuals, consider reaching out to us.

We’ve helped companies like Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Starkey Hearing Technologies, and Diamondback deliver compelling, stunning 3D visuals to their audiences.

Want a 3D product of your own? Let’s chat.