3D Rendering for Businesses: the Alternative to Marketing Content

In the wake of the pandemic, we've all experienced an extremely challenging time.

The marketing world is not immune to this. But research shows that for every $1 spent in the US on advertising there's a $9 return on sales.

And even during the pandemic, companies that continued their marketing efforts in the past have seen a boost in their financial performance the following year. So what exactly does this mean for your company?

We're here to share how 3D rendering for businesses is the best alternative in a world that's been forced to quickly go digital.

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3D Rendering for Businesses

3D rendering for businesses, ranging from still images to broadcast animations, is a rewarding investment for most marketing strategies and trade shows.

Many companies opt for photography and videography, however, if you're searching for something a little more unique, detailed, or stylized, 3D animation can that provide that high level of detail and talent you're looking for.

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We want to share how FUSE is running post-pandemic and how we can help your business. As we discussed in our previous blog, Working From Home: 5 Tips for Creatives, we shared how our team completed setting up a VPN along with all the tools to successfully work from the comfort of our homes. We're also using the same software as before, so don't worry about timelines or quality of your 3D rendering project - we've got you covered!

Along with our designers being set up, we're also set up for success as a team when it comes to working digitally with other companies. Even before the pandemic, we've successfully worked with companies in California, New York, and across the globe. When doing so, we use tools like Basecamp for project management and Microsoft Teams for video conferences with clients. We're doing everything we can to implement the right tools quickly and keep our communication lines open at all times.

If you're seeking an alternative for your marketing strategy, look no further than FUSE to come alongside your business's promotional goals. We will transform your vision into a quality product animation or still image for product catalogs and more. You will be working with a dedicated team of 3D animators who each have years of experience creating detailed 3D renders for products and equipment alike.

Let's be Clear: 3D is the Perfect Solution

We understand that a lot of marketing projects are more than likely being pushed back or put on hold due to a post-pandemic world.

But before pressing pause on your next project, we want to share how 3D animation can be the perfect solution to your businesses' marketing needs.

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With 3D animation, we're not constrained to reality. We can create and design photorealistic graphics anywhere, at any time. These assets can be used for a variety of mediums, such as social media, TV, and even print. Now is the perfect time to leverage these, too, since many people are spending more time on their phones, TVs, and computers from home. With this solution, we can leverage your brand and build a stronger image for your team to successfully weather this storm.

Rather than wait for your next in-person photoshoot, get a head start on your marketing project by trying 3D animation for your product. With everything moving to digital following the pandemic, 3D animation makes sense for many businesses in the year 2020 and beyond.

By using 3D instead of traditional methods, your company can save time, money, and even support a more sustainable process. We can even start designing a product before it's completely built out, making it easier for you to get a leg up on the competition. Explore a year of possibility with FUSE.

Industries We Serve

FUSE Animation has had the pleasure of working with many different companies. We provide 3D rendering for businesses for various industries. Our 3D rendering services range from animations for electronics, to farming equipment, to dental and medical. 3D animation clients we have worked with include John Deere, Invisalign, and Sleep Number, just to name a few.

Our favorite rendering engine is Redshift. More on Redshift here.

No matter your industry, we can partner with you to make your vision for your 3D animation or still images come to life. Our talented team of 3D artists have performed work for web animations and graphics, social media promos, broadcast animations, still images, and more. Contact our professional animation studio today to see how we can help you.

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Ready to try 3D animation in your marketing plan? FUSE Animation would like to partner with you to make your 3D rendering project a reality!