Cambridge Sound Nightingale Case Study

Product Launch Animation and Trade Show Graphics

Cambridge Sound Management Nightingale product launch trade show graphics

The Challenge

Cambridge Sound approached us after they created a revolutionary sound dampening device. They planned to promote the Nightingale as a smart home sleep system to a high-end market. To accomplish this, they needed our expertise to create visuals for the product launch.

They wanted to launch the Nightingale at a trade show event and needed high-quality 3D images and animations to accompany their booth. These trade show graphics would help their audience understand the product and its potential.

Since they would be using our work to generate interest in their product, the images and animation needed to be both compelling and realistic.

The biggest challenge with this project wasn’t rendering the environments or product. It was finding a way to visualize sound.

Getting Started

To get things rolling, we collected everything we needed from Cambridge. They sent us CAD files, color swatches, photos, and product samples.

These helped us create a perfect 3D model of their product. Since they wanted to show how the Nightingale worked in different situations, we would also need to render multiple environments.

After building the models, project lead Joe Marx got to work on the trade show graphics and animation. The goal was to keep this small product at the center of attention while showing its versatility and effectiveness.

Project In Progress

Using that 3D model, we created a series of editable environments: a hospital, dorm room, nursery, and more.

These environments highlighted the flexibility of the product while also demonstrating how the product filtered out incoming sound.

We also blew apart the Nightingale so trade show attendees could see its components. Then, we created realistic sound waves to show the audience what they couldn’t otherwise see.

We worked closely with Cambridge Sound to make sure the animation featured the product’s key qualities like its sleep-aiding, soothing nature sounds or adjustable nightlight.

The End Result

Cambridge Sound now had an engaging animation that clearly demonstrated their new product’s value in a competitive market. It shows the Nightingale’s versatility without detracting from its smart tech features or minimal design.

Using this video, Cambridge launched an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in a matter of days. Clear marketing collateral like CG trade show graphics and animations can make all the difference for companies looking to garner interest and attention from their audience.

We had a blast working with Cambridge Sound, and they were ecstatic with the response from our 3D work. We hope to continue collaborating with them to bring their new products to life in the future.

Introducing the Nightingale

Cambridge Sound Management Logo for trade show graphics project

“The team at FUSE understands how to bring ideas and products to life.  They worked efficiently to understand our product story, our specific video needs and were a pleasure to work with during the entire creative process.  I would highly recommend FUSE to companies looking for high-quality product animation and video.”

– David Sholkovitz, VP of Marketing, Cambridge Sound Management

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