Bring Your Furniture To Life With 3D Animation & Augmented Reality

Furniture 3D Animation & Augmented Reality

Animation and augmented reality make sense now more than ever. At FUSE, it’s always been our job to do everything we can to help businesses promote their products using technically superb services. If you are interested in 3D or AR to promote your furniture products, the skilled team at FUSE has the expertise to make your vision come to life!

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Professional Furniture 3D Animation Services

Create Perfect Digital Twins

There are digital versions of your furniture products everywhere. You’re already using them on your website, in online catalogs, and digital ads. These are your products’ digital twins; they represent your physical products in a digital space.

Since these visuals are supposed to entice shoppers, they should match the real thing. But not all product imagery is the same when it comes to matching reality.

3D rendered furniture models are perfect digital twins. They’re beautiful, realistic, and entirely editable. You can adjust every detail to show off your furniture in the best possible way. There are no limits here, which means you can bring so much more to your customers.

Give Customers a Better Shopping Experience

With these perfect 3D furniture models, you can turn online shopping into a better experience for your customers.

Using photorealistic 3D models of your furniture, we can create 360-degree product spins, detailed closeup 3D renders, incredible animations, and AR experiences. These scalable assets look perfect at any size – from your website to large-scale billboards or broadcast spots.

We can help you build up an incredible digital catalog that invites shoppers to move, touch, and interact with your furniture.

Professional Furniture Augmented Reality Services

Put Your Furniture into Your Customer's Homes with AR

All the Moving, None of the Heavy Lifting

Shoppers are 11 times more likely to buy if they can try out products at home. This is where furniture augmented reality comes in.

Imagine letting every customer bring furniture home to test it out. They could move it around and test out colors. Seeing it in place may even nudge them to buy more – maybe a side table or lamp to match.

But you can’t just let everyone walk off with a couch for a test drive, right?

Actually, companies like IKEA and Wayfair are using furniture AR to let shoppers do just that. If you haven’t considered using AR to sell your products, it’s time to change your mind:

A third of consumers say they’re more likely to buy something after using AR to preview a product.

Furniture AR gives customers the freedom to shop on their own terms. They can arrange and decorate in real time without any of the heavy lifting.

You can give this to your customers. At FUSE Animation, we are here to help.

Wood and cloth Soto armchair against white backdrop

Let's Augment Your Shoppers' Reality

Diving into AR is easier than you think. With Apple’s ARKit, your customers can download a file and view your products in real time without an app. All they need is a device with iOS and a camera.

Creating AR files of your furniture isn’t a big process. Once we build 3D models, we can adapt them to fit any need, including AR. Our team can even work with your web team to implement the files on your site.

Once they’re up, shoppers can use them right away. It’s seriously that easy to put your furniture in your customers’ homes, offices, and beyond.

We help furniture companies show off their products in the best possible light with photorealistic 3D images, beautiful product animations, and interactive AR experiences.

Want to experience AR for yourself? Just click on the chair, download the file, and view it on your mobile device.

Note: You can only view these USDZ files on a device that has a camera and is running iOS 12 

Ready to see your furniture in 3D or augmented reality? Bring your furniture into consumer’s homes, offices, and beyond! We create photorealistic furniture 3D animation and AR to fit every marketing need.