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Every design we create is custom. Because of this, we do not offer a standard rate card. Instead, projects are based on time.

After receiving an inquiry, we’ll determine approximately how long it will take to complete the project based on complexity and overall scale. Following a discussion around the scope of work, we will then prepare a price estimate. Clients can rest assured knowing we work with all budgets.

Our team is happy to take on the challenge of completing large-scale work as quickly as you need. Generally, we work faster than clients can keep up. We’ll discuss time frames and schedules during our kick-off call together, and we’re more than happy to work with a time frame that a client already has in place.

Every project begins with CAD files. It’s OK if you don’t have them, our artists can create 3D models during production. However, it will be more cost effective if you do have CAD files, as it will save our artists’ time.

Once the CAD files are ready, we’ll review them to make sure they’re complete, and identify any missing or unusable elements.

We encourage clients to start with a brief outlining their goals. It could be a phone call, email or storyboard. Start by sharing about five unique features you want to display. The brief can be as detailed or as basic as you’d like. We’re happy to meet clients where they are with a project and ask questions along the way.

Once a project is complete, we will deliver the assets in any format the client requests (PSD’s, .jpeg, .png, ProRez, MPEG4, etc). These assets can be sent in a variety of ways, including online or on a large capacity drive. We can also send multiple formats and sizes to use assets for print or another medium.

Great question!

Animation and 3D design are truly limitless. We’re no longer visually constrained to reality, 3D is so much more.

Our services provide companies with images and videos that stand out and make an impression both online and in print. The work we do allows customers to see your products in an entirely new light, so they can visualize how they would use it before they purchase it.

We use Basecamp for every project. Following the initial conversation and kick-off call between FUSE and your team, we will begin storing important animation notes, projects, and details in the project management tool for clients to view.

We promise your assets are always safe. When we use Basecamp, it’s important to note that while this is a safe and secure tool, we have to take our own precautions to ensure your data is secure. To learn more about Basecamp’s security, read their response here.