3D Rendering: How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Product Catalog Updates

How important are product catalogs to your business? Maybe they’re not your top priority. But for customers, your catalog is extremely important. They want to know everything about your products down to the smallest detail before buying. And since people are drawn to visuals, they’re turning to your product catalog images for answers.

But between manufacturing products, coordinating photo shoots, and updating listings, it can be a challenge to keep listings up to date. For companies with hundreds of products, product photo shoots can be a real time and financial burden. How can you meet your customers’ needs?

We’re offering you a solution. Replace your product catalog photography with 3D rendering. It’s a versatile and scalable alternative that will save you time, money, and frustration with each new product release. 3D rendering is a cost-effective solution for maintaining an ever-changing product catalog.

Group of eight power transmission auto parts

Say Goodbye to Photo Shoot Logistic Nightmares

Every time you release a new product or update an existing one, you need new images as quickly as possible. You’ve got to show it to your customers, right? After all, 94% of shoppers research products online before making a purchase.

These images appear on your website, in promotional materials, and in your product catalog. Depending on what you’re selling, you may need images of the product in an environment. Or as a standalone image to show off specs. Maybe you need to insert it into stock photography for digital or print formats. You’ll need to address each of these needs during the photo shoot.

But a lot can happen in-between. Last minute changes to the design could set you back months while you wait for the manufacturers to update the product. And shipping delays could spell disaster for your product launch timeline.

You get the idea. It’s a lot of hassle to get one product photographed. Consider then the logistics of planning dozens of photo shoots for updated products each year. These are the hidden costs of adding a new product to your catalog. You may be familiar with this nightmare. Here’s where 3D rendering comes to the rescue.

By using 3D rendering for your product images, there’s no need to worry about manufacturing problems or marketing delays. We use 3D models to create precise images, which means you can start promoting a new product even before fabricating it.

Late-stage design updates? No problem. Shipping delays? That’s okay. 3D rendering can save your timeline and product catalog without ever needing a physical product.

See Products from Every Angle, On Demand

An advantage of 3D rendering is being able to see every product angle without needing to take dozens of pictures. You can move and manipulate that 3D model however you want. This method lets you go beyond a few photographs to create a perfect product image. For example, use dramatic angles for promos or interactive angles to show different product features.

This also sets you for anything you may need in the future.

As businesses evolve, it’s nice to be able to make changes down the road. If you decide to change your product catalog’s look completely, that’s not a problem. Rather than booking another photoshoot, revisit those rendering files and make adjustments. The same goes for new styles or colors. We can adjust existing files, cutting down the time it takes to update a product listing.

The Power to Make the Impossible a Reality

Product catalogs demand strict attention to detail, from image and text placement to sizing and resolution. They need to be both informative and exciting, or your customers may not pay attention. But controlling every factor – lighting, angle, product imperfections – is nearly impossible at a photo shoot.

Exploded view of a metallic flush valve

3D rendering offers complete control over every single detail, no matter how small. Nothing is out of place or accidental in these images. That’s what makes them so stunning and realistic.

This type of control and high-level precision creates dynamic product catalog images. Make product features pop with lighting or place it in a fantastic environment. Whatever you can imagine, we can render.

Compared to product catalog photos, which can feel flat or dull, 3D rendered images are beyond perfect. These product catalog images look amazing because we can show your product off in the best possible way. And you can bring this power to your catalog.

Keeping Things Consistent

Another product catalog challenge is consistency and quality. According to a recent marketing study by MDG advertising, 67% of consumers say that image quality is an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

For companies with huge catalogs, maintaining high-quality consistency across the entire catalog isn’t easy. Let’s look at Zurn, a plumbing product and water solutions manufacturer. Their product catalog is more extensive than any other single manufacturer.

Throughout the year, Zurn adds new products and updates existing ones. But photos from one year to the next don’t look the same. Even subtle lighting, angle, or color differences can give catalogs a disjointed and inconsistent feel.

We’ve already talked about how easy it is to manipulate a 3D rendered image. This ability lets us build assets with a consistent style and quality year after year. Updating new product catalog images to fit a previous style is no problem. We helped Zurn overhaul their catalog to bring consistent quality and style across the board.

Group of plumbing and water solution product catalog images

Bring Your Product Catalog to Life

A product catalog can have more than static product images. Spice it up with 3D rendering! Add interactive product configurations or dynamic 360-degree product views like the animation below. Why not let your audience click around to see all the different color or style options? After all, it’s a lot easier to show off each variation when you don’t have to book separate photoshoots for each one.

Think beyond the confines of traditional photography. Exploded product views let interested customers see the inner workings of your product. Interactive views let your audience play around with the product. And since videos work better than words, add an animation to show your product in action.

Ultra-high-resolution 3D images can work small-scale in a catalog or blown up on the side of a retail store. Repurpose those product catalog images for your website, promo materials, social media posts, and more. Seriously, your options are endless when you use 3D rendering for your product catalog.

Avoid the Hidden Costs of Updating Your Product Catalog Images

Meet your customer’s needs head-on. You can build and maintain a high-quality catalog without scrambling to get items to a photography set or rushing to update product listings. Avoid those hidden costs of adding new or updated images to your product catalog with 3D rendering.

But even better than its speed and cost-effectiveness, 3D rendering gives better results than traditional photography. You have control down to the tiniest detail with stunning precision, which means your product catalog will stand out in the best way.

Start marketing before a product is fabricated or add a new style with ease. No need to worry about photo shoot logistics or last-minute design changes. Using 3D rendering for your product catalog offers precise, consistent quality across your entire line. We can help you build a better product catalog.

Are you looking to give your product catalog a makeover?