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Turn to a professional 3D animation studio to handle your project! We are an award-winning studio equipped with an expert team of 3D animators. Our studio has more than 25+ years of experience to make your vision for your products and services a reality! From texture, to lighting, we utilize professional industry animation software to provide custom 3D animation services for any industry. Contact FUSE today to discuss your project!

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Choosing 3D animation services offers better flexibility with easy modifications like color and style changes.

Save Time & Money

Save Time
& Money

3D animation services help save time and reduce overall cost of the project related to multiple photoshoots.

Ditch Photography

No Photography Needed

No need for multiple photoshoots or video sessions when you have professional 3D assets and animations!


Let our 3D animation studio help you showcase your latest products and technology using professional services. We are proud to work with Hyliion, Tiffany & Co., HistoSonics, Herzog, Stihl USA, Fender, Microvision, Sleep Number, Bradley Corporation, and many more.


Our Services

3D Still Images


Our 3D animation company provides photorealistic designs that offer complete control and flexibility over your images. We always prioritize making your 3D designs cost-effective, a long-lasting investment, and a finished product that you’ll be proud of showing off!

Video Production


Need to bring your product or service to life using video marketing? At FUSE Animation, our 3D animators can assist your team with any video production need your business has, from storyboarding, to editing, to the finishing touches.

3D Animation


Professional 3D animation studios can bring any product, brand, or idea to life! At FUSE, our talented team uses industry recognized animation software to create animations that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Interactive Graphics


Our skilled 3D animators team up with our partners or your developers to create high-quality assets to build interactive graphics for your website, application, product configuration, or other interface.



Adding visual effects brings life to your videos, and helps to better captivate and educate your audience. Contact FUSE Animation for more information about how we add VFX to your 3D animation project! Check out more about VFX software here.



Interested in VR and AR? At our 3D animation studio, we have our own VR development room, where we create installation VR ads and assets for mobile devices like Google Cardboard™ and Samsung Gear VR™. Contact us for more info about our VR and AR services.

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What is 3D animation and how can it benefit my business? 3D animation is the most efficient alternative to photoshoots, video recordings, and hours of in-person meetings. As experts in photorealism and commercial animation, FUSE Animation is the perfect 3D animation company than can support you any time you need us. Let’s help you focus on elevating your brand and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

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Featured Work

HistoSonics - Edison®

FUSE was approached by HistoSonics to create two videos showcasing their cutting-edge medical technology. Their Edison® device has the ability to destroy tumors without any incisions or needles through a process called histotripsy.

Looking to make your product look as incredible as possible? Or are you looking to present and visualize a complex technology? Contact FUSE Animation to create highly detailed 3D animations to show off your technology!


In 2023, Herzog hired our 3D animation studio to create a video to help them showcase their latest technology, RailSentry, a safety monitoring tool. RailSentry is designed to improve monitoring and safety for railroad crossings, bridges, and passenger stations.

Our videos needed to showcase RailSentry’s ability to mitigate collisions between an oncoming train and potential hazards and provide real time alerts using advanced sensors.

Tiffany & Co. - Out of the Blue

“We reached out to FUSE with a fun but challenging project that had a tight turnaround, and they surpassed our expectations. Working with the team was a great experience with quick replies and productive collaborations on the work. We relied on the FUSE team’s creative eye and expertise, and they did not disappoint.”

-Ayelet Gat 

Creative Studio | Tiffany & Co.
Digital Designer, Global Creative Strategy

Tiffany & Company 3D Animation Studio

3D Animation Studio FAQs

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What is 3D animation?

3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional products, objects, backgrounds, etc., and setting them in motion within a digital environment. It’s commonly used for the web, social media marketing, product design, film, cartoons, commercials, and video games. Professional 3D animation studios will use modeling, layout, animation, and 3D rendering via a rendering engine like Redshift, to bring your equipment, furniture, and other products to life.

What are the stages of 3D animation?

3D animation starts with the overall concept for marketing and animating your product or service. Once the concept for your 3D animation is in place, the next steps involve 3D modeling, texturing, animating, rendering, compositing, and visual effects. Ask our experts more about this process to see how we will develop the concept and create the animation for your specific project.

What do studios use for 3D animation?

3D animation studios often use programs such as Redshift, which is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer that’s gained significant traction thanks to its impressive speed and high-quality outputs.  Also, Maya is one of the most popular 3D software packages 3D animation studios use in the industry. Maya offers a full suite of modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, and rendering tools. Lastly, Autodesk 3ds Max is known for its robust modeling tools and its architectural visualization capabilities.

How should I hire 3D animators for my project?

You may likely be wondering how to effectively and quickly find the best optimal 3D animation services. To start, be sure you are well-informed about common terminology or software that is used in 3D animation. We highly recommend you take a look at the 3D animation studio’s portfolio to see the work they do. During your search, you should conduct interviews with 3D commercial studios on your list in advance to try to find more details about the company, their animation process, and their work experience. Also, provide as much information as possible about the nature of your project to see if you are a good fit. Finally, only hire an animation team who you 100% trust to handle every detail of your project.

What are the benefits of 3D animation?

The photorealistic 3D imagery and visual effects create better user engagement with your audience. Most viewers enjoy watching highly detailed animations to help them better understand the product you are trying to market. Additionally, 3D animation sparks their interest and holds their attention. For marketing purposes, 3D animation helps to convey your brand better. Animation is the perfect tool for explaining the goal of your business. A well-made animated video will stay in your audience’s mind and will make your brand unique and stand out from the crowd. Here are 4 reasons to consider 3D rendering in your marketing plan. 3D animation and graphics can result in stunning 3D product artwork, providing a great alternative to photography. Lastly, opting for 3D animation means that you will attract more online traffic or even traffic to your trade shows. You can post your animations on your landing page or social media platforms, since videos help to significantly increase conversions.

Meet the Team

Looking for an 3D animation studio to handle your project(s) and to make your vision a reality? When you choose us, you’ll be partnering with a company with skills in not only animation, but also still images, 3D video production, animation production, interactive graphics, and even immersive AR and VR marketing experiences that will captivate your clients.

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With more than 25 years of expertise in the field, you can rely on FUSE to bring only the best in 3D animation services. From still images and product catalogs, to video production and virtual reality, to 3D animation for tradeshows, we enjoy taking on any challenge!

Ready to discuss the details of your project? Contact our 3D animation and VR studio today.