The Challenge

Viracon approached us a few months back looking to push their brand into the future with an animated corporate video. We were tasked with creating a spot that not only shows the technological advancement of the brand, but creates a sense of security and authenticity. We decided to go with the concept of a solid foundation being built followed by a beautiful building being constructed from that foundation and the Viracon glass being magically applied in a engaging way. This was a great creative starting point.

“Viracon asked us to help them get people excited about glass, and that’s what we did. There are a lot of fun problems to solve when making something as large as a skyscraper, and the city around it. Viracon gave us an opportunity on this one to create an amazing building covered in high tech glass, and we produced a beautiful animation to show it all off. Large or small, we’ll take your ideas and products, and turn them into visuals that are guaranteed to turn heads.”

– Ben Lodge, Senior Animator

Getting Started

This project got off the ground by getting our voice over recorded and music selected. We knew this would drive the overall pacing and look of the video. Once we had that recorded and collected, we moved into the creation of this realistic, digital city. This was a very time consuming undertaking. It’s a good thing we have more than enough people on our team to take on a large scale project like this without risking the deadline.

In Progress

After creating the 3D city we began moving cameras around the scene to the music. This is the part of the project we really enjoy. Who wouldn’t like to make their own film right? R&D time was spent working out how to control the glass application. Then we moved into texturing and lighting the shots. We really wanted to explore making a metro area beautiful.

The End Result

This project wrapped with a bold and beautiful video for Viracon. The client was thrilled with this exciting new step for their organization and we feel it definitely places them in a future facing light. We were really happy with the outcome as well. We got to implement some new technology, which is always a plus, and experiment with a few new ways to light and render this video.

“We have appreciated the efforts of the entire team at FUSE. You are a talented group with the ability to listen to our needs, then apply your creative ideas and capabilities to deliver really good work.
The Viracon team is excited with the results of the first two videos, and are anxious for more. Look forward to working with you again, soon!”

– Annette Panning , Director, Marketing & Product Management