The Challenge

Stihl has been making reliable, innovative gas-powered tools for decades, and now they are moving into battery-powered models. They needed hundreds of products photographed and filmed, but they also needed a cutting edge commercial to really kick off this new chapter for the company. This project quickly became a balancing act, as we wanted highlight how great the new battery powered products were, while also showing respect to Stihl’s gas-powered line. To achieve that balance, we partnered with Red Letter Communications, Inc. to keep that perspective in line.

“The sheer scale of this project made it both challenging and exciting to work on. Roughly 100 images across 34 different products led me to create a specialized workflow and a way to keep everything organized. Working directly with Seth and Andy from Red Letter Communications helped make the project go very smoothly.”

– Levi Krippner, Senior Rendering Specialist

Getting Started

At the onset of this project, we received massive amounts of CAD data from Stihl’s German engineers that could’ve quickly overwhelmed other animation studios. At FUSE, however, we own multiple engineering programs that are easily capable of converting all files in house. The result? We removed any additional workload to the Stihl engineers. The last thing we want to do is create work for someone else.

In Progress

This project was monumentally huge, so we broke our pool of creatives into several teams. One group tackled the enormous amounts of still renders for web and print, ensuring they are all photorealistic and 100% accurate. The second team took on broadcast. This was a heavy sought-after assignment as it involved outer space and special effects. In addition to completing those challenges, we also added new CGI elements to the project’s photography as a way to get the most out of photo shoots and CGI assets.

The End Result

Despite the heavy, intense workload that came with this project, our teams quickly and efficiently came through with flying colors. When the dust finally cleared, we had created over 400 unique images, 20 animated 360-degree product spins, three commercial spots and six CGI-enhanced photographs-and one extremely impressed client. STIHL was thrilled with how our team created a massive amount of material in two months that supplied their marketing department with high resolution, extremely versatile graphic assets. We are looking forward to creating the same kind of library for all their gas-powered products.

“FUSE was great to work with. Very fast, friendly and precise.” – Drew Wright – Director of Video Services,  Red Letter Communications, Inc.