Zurn Industries

Zurn Industries manufactures and supplies plumbing, building, and water solutions for commercial, municipal, and industrial markets. To say they have a lot of products is an understatement, and having to deal with photographing their entire back catalog with consistent quality was proving difficult. They came to FUSE looking for help building a highly detailed and cohesive look not only for their existing back catalog of products, but also products just coming to market. We are able to leverage the still renderings for each product with the ability to create installation animations that match the brand look we’ve developed, giving their buyers more resources to choose which products would work best for each application.

ClientZurnYear2017Link http://www.zurn.com/

By seeing the exploded views of product details, viewers get a much better idea of what’s included.

From multiple angles to interactive 360-degree renders, we’re able to help Zurn show off their products in ways that help their buyers make better decisions.

From installation videos like the above, to the multitude of product renderings below, FUSE has been able to leverage Zurn’s CAD files to consistently provide high-quality content to help position Zurn as the industry leader in plumbing supplies.