The Challenge

FUSE Animation is a full service 3D rendering and animation agency in Minneapolis. People come to us when they’ve been tasked with the impossible, whether that means showing the functionality of a complex medical device or creating a personalized, interactive shopping experience for your customers. When you need to leave a lasting impression—we can help.

“The Fjords project was an exciting challenge to tackle. Our objective was to showcase the materials and components that went into the chair, while keeping everything very elegant and stylish—right in line with Fjords’ design ethos. We ended up with a piece that beautifully showcases the chair’s curves and lines, while letting us flex our creative muscles in unique and interesting way.”

– Ben Lodge, Senior Animator

Getting Started

The client provided us with partial CAD data supplied by their engineers. This was a fantastic start to completing the project, but the data still needed to be fully realized. Our team at FUSE completed the CAD models’ structure before developing lifelike digital cloth and stitch work. We worked with Fjord to develop a visual story based on a series of key features that needed to be displayed. Once those elements were in place it was time to get animating.

In Progress

After selecting music that complemented the product’s aesthetic, we created draft versions of the video. These would then be reviewed with our team and the client via video chat or call—giving the client a strong voice during video development while also allowing our team to mesh the ideas with the overall look and length of the production.

The End Result

The final result was some fantastic stills and an animation that effectively presented the amazing qualities that the Baloo chair had to offer. With animations in hand, Fjord released the sleek, graceful chair, and it quickly received a spike in sales and orders from consumers and resellers alike. The success was so overwhelming we are currently developing three more chair videos for Fjord.

“Our customers really liked the Baloo video that we presented at market. This should really increase interest for this model!”

– Dan Houek, President