The Challenge

Our friends at Cambridge Sound had a revolutionary sound dampening device that was going to be promoted to a high-end market. In order to display the product’s technological and market value, the animated product needed to be viewed in several different environments that showcased its multipurpose use. They wanted the photography and video elements of the animation to be perfectly consistent. A video shoot would have not been feasible, let alone cost effective. Animation was clearly the perfect solution.

“This was a really interesting project. The opportunity to bring the concept of sound to life visually was really challenging and, frankly, a lot of fun.”

– Joe Marx, Senior Animator

Getting Started

This project is a staple of what we do at FUSE. After inviting Cambridge to a new Basecamp project, we got things rolling. First, Cambridge sent us a 3D engineering file used to create the original product prototype. Photography, color swatches, and product samples were collected at this time. This allowed Senior Animator Joe Marx to have the most accurate assets available to create a perfect, realistic 3D model of the product.

In Progress

After creating the 3D model, Joe created a series of easily editable 3D environments. A hospital, dorm room, hotel and several other environments were animated in order to highlight the flexibility of the product. The result effectively kept the product’s 3D model the star of the video, while also displaying its ability to consistently adapt within a variety of everyday environments.

The End Result

This project ended with a series of phenomenal stills and an effective, engaging animation that clearly demonstrated why and how this product set itself apart in a competitive market. Using this video, Cambridge Sound was able to launch an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in a matter of days. It was a pleasure to work on this with Cambridge Sound, and we hope to continue collaborating with them many more times in the future.

“The team at FUSE understands how to bring ideas and products to life.  They worked efficiently to understand our product story, our specific video needs, and were a pleasure to work with during the entire creative process.  I would highly recommend FUSE to companies looking for high-quality product animation and video.”

– David Sholkovitz, VP of Marketing, Cambridge Sound Management