The Perfect Product for 3D Rendering

This question came up in a marketing meeting the other day: What would be another perfect product for FUSE to work on? Just about any kind of product is usually a good candidate for 3D rendering. Some lend themselves better than others perhaps, but nearly anything can be rendered. We’ve decided the winner is this tire project from Michelin for the following reasons.

The product has 3D files: Every tire has 3D design files associated with it. It’s how it’s created. By having this file we know the images are going to be perfectly accurate and fast.

Editability: Tires change every year. New products are always on the horizon. Once the client has established the look for the images it’s simple to bring in new tires as needed to create new images that match what was previously completed. Matching the established branding perfectly, every time.

Versatility: When the products are on our computers we can do almost anything with them. Imagine the client needs an exploded view to really show off the layers of the tire or perhaps a short animation demonstrating the impact resistance of the latest rock-crawling truck tire is in order. There are so many uses for these 3D files. We can create content for Print, Web, and broadcast all from the same source, all from the same studio

Simplicity: Save time and effort. There is no need to coordinate or oversee a photo shoot anymore. No more shipping crates of tires around the country. Just email FUSE the CAD files and wait for images to approve or send feedback.

As you can see there are plenty of great reasons to give 3D rendering a shot. Tires are one of the hundreds of products we can bring to life at FUSE. Give us a call and see how we can help you.